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Hypertension Control Can Save a Diabetic's Sight
Can lead to fewer vision problems for these patients
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Estrogen in Contraceptives Threatens Fish Populations
Damage ability of male zebrafish to fertilize eggs
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Identifying Sperm Donors Doesn't Cause Problems
Kids want to meet father, but aren't confused about parentage
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Clinical Trials Update: Nov. 11, 2004

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Tackling Anemia in Diabetics
Study looks at whether that cuts cardiovascular risks
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New Weapon Against Arrhythmias
Implantable cardioverter defibrillators benefit both men and women
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Brain Wave Activity Seems Slower in Schizophrenics
But some suggest the finding may be due to medication used to treat the disease.
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Health Highlights: Nov. 11, 2004

Health Tip: A Slow Burn
Calories don't melt away in a flash

Health Tip: Ask Questions About That New Drug
Know about the medicines you're taking

Health Tip: How Dry I Am
Suggestions to combat itchy skin

Health Tip: When a Snake Bites
Here's what to do

Health Tip: Buy Safe Toys
Suggestions for a safer holiday

FDA Approvals
Colon Cancer Drug Wins Additional Approval
OK to combine with chemo after tumor removal

Help for Dialysis Patients
New drug helps manage phosphorus levels

Artificial Spinal Disc Approved
To help ease lower back pain

Ultrasound Device Zaps Uterine Tumors
Not intended for childbearing women

Partial Arftificial Heart Approved
For patients awaiting transplant

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