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Briefing, Discussion and Exhibits Explore the New Technology of Sensors (MA 04-19)
Added Jun 04 2004

NSF Launches Discovery Corps Fellowship Program (PR 04-078)
Added May 27 2004

Researchers Open New Line of Attack on Tuberculosis (PR 04-067)
Added May 10 2004

Cosmic Magnifying Glass (PR 04-52)
Added Apr 15 2004

NSF Awards Contract for Central Management of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program ( IODP) (PR 04-040)
Added Apr 06 2004

Polymer Chemists Assemble Nanowires and Nanoemitters (PR 04-034)
Added Mar 29 2004

Conference Explores Nanotechnology and its Commercialization (MA 04-11)
Added Mar 18 2004

International Access to Research Data Critical to Advancing Science for the Public Good, Report Says (PR 04-031)
Added Mar 18 2004

Magnet Lab Chooses New Director (MA 04-03)
Added Feb 09 2004

Nanoscale Building Blocks Form Spheres, Tubes and Curves (PR 04-07)
Added Jan 16 2004

Chemists Crack Secrets of Nature's Super Glue (PR 04-02)
Added Jan 16 2004

A Possible New Form of "Supersolid" Matter (PR 04-05)
Added Jan 16 2004

Astronomers See Era of Rapid Galaxy Formation (PR 04-03)
Added Jan 08 2004

Internet Link Moves Gemini Closer to Becoming First "Cyber Observatory" (PR 02-67)
Added Aug 13 2002

Light From Gas Bubbles: Sonoluminescence Measured (PR 02-63)
Added Jul 25 2002

New NSF Institutes to Strengthen Mathematics as base for National S&T; (PR 02-056)
Added Jul 03 2002

Data Storage Gets Ultrasmall with Remarkable Breakthrough in Electrical Resistance (PR 02-55)
Added Jun 26 2002

Newfound Planetary System Has "Hometown" Look (PR 02-54)
Added Jun 13 2002

Astronomers to Present New Findings on Early Universe at NSF Press Conference (MA 02-27)
Added May 20 2002

Hydrogen Reaction Experiment Reaps a Surprise (PR 02-17)
Added Mar 07 2002

Nanotechnology Symposium To Showcase Vast Potential Of Small Wonders (MA 02-14)
Added Mar 04 2002

Scientists Chart Iron Cycle in Ocean (PR 01-72)
Added Sep 26 2001

Search of Galactic Halo Yields a Treasure Trove of Variable Stars (PR 01-75)
Added Sep 26 2001

Jupiter-Size Planet found orbiting star in Big Dipper (PR 01-64)
Added Aug 15 2001

Laser "Scalpel" Improves Popular Eye Surgery (PR 01-51)
Added Jun 14 2001

New Form of Nitrogen: A Semiconductor (PR 01-39)
Added May 09 2001

Polymer Full of Holes -- But Good for Photonics? (PR 01-23)
Added Apr 05 2001

Superconductivity: Making it Work in the Real World (PR 01-17)
Added Mar 07 2001

Southern Star Pulsates like the Sun, Say Astronomers (PR 01-06)
Added Jan 30 2001

New Report Links Meteorite To Possibility That Microscopic Life Existed On Mars (PR 00-96)
Added Dec 15 2000

NSF-Funded Scientists To Examine Environment At The Molecular Level (PR 00-83)
Added Oct 31 2000

Astronomers Find Surprising Double Asteroid and a New Asteroid Moon (PR 00-82)
Added Oct 26 2000

Gemini Cuts Deep into Galactic Core with Release of First Data (PR 00-75)
Added Oct 16 2000

Astronomers Discover Six Planets Orbiting Nearby Stars (PR 99-71)
Added Nov 29 1999

Astronomers Find Evidence for the First Planet Seen Orbiting a Pair of Stars (PR 99-68)
Added Nov 03 1999

Bright Rings Found Around Sunspots Show Why Spots are Dark, Cast Shadow on Solar Models (PR 99-63)
Added Oct 15 1999

Astronomers Sight An Asteroid's Moon (PR 99-61)
Added Oct 06 1999

Breakthrough Image of Atomic Bonding Will Advance the Science of New Materials (PR 99-51)
Added Sep 01 1999

Knowledge-Centered Awards Jump Start NSF Focus on I.T. for the 21st Century (PR 99-50)
Added Aug 31 1999

New Telescope Gives Astronomers a Clearer Vision of the Universe (PR 99-44)
Added Jun 25 1999

Europe and U.S. to Collaborate on Design and Development of a Giant Radio Telescope Project in Chile (PR 99-42)
Added Jun 10 1999

Radio Observations Provide New Clues to Nature of Gamma Ray Fireball (PR 97-53)
Added Sep 17 1997

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