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Advisory Committee on Water Information

September 14-15, 2004 Meeting

Days Hotel and Conference Center
2200 Centreville Road
Herndon, Virginia 20170

Presentations: (PowerPoint or Overheads)

Federal Roundtable

Overview of Water Programs of New/Returning Federal Members

water drop US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) - Bill Dawson

water drop TVA - Don Dycus

Highlights of Federal Water Programs and Funding Trends

water drop DOI/USGS/Water Resources - Jody Eimers

water drop USEPA/Office of Water - Mike Shapir (Not available at this time)o

water drop USDA/Water Programs - Carl Lucero(Not available at this time)

water drop NOAA/NWS/NOS/Water Programs - Greg Mandt

Special statements from Member Organizations

water drop Cooperative Water Program Statement - Dr. Emery Cleaves

Note:"The statements below and on the following/linked pages represent views of members of the ACWI, and are not official statements of the USGS."

Subgroup Reports

water drop National Water Quality Monitoring Council (NWQMC) - Gail Mallard, USGS, Office of the Associate Director for Water and Charles Spooner, USEPA, Office of Water, Co-Chairs

water drop Methods and Data Comparability Board (MDCB) - LeAnne Astin, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, and Member, Methods and Data Comparability Board; Charles Spooner, EPA Office of Water and co-Chair, National Water Quality Monitoring Council; and Herb Brass, EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, and Co- Chair, Methods and Data Comparability Board

water drop Activities of the Methods and Data Comparability Board (MDCB) - Herb Brass, EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, Co-Chair

water drop NAWQA, National Liaison Committee - Judy Campbell-Bird, Consultant to the National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) (Not available at this time)

water drop Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable (SWRR) - Robert Goldstein, Electric Power Research Institute, and Co-Chair of the steering Committee on the Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable and Ethan (Tim) Smith, Coordinator, SWRR

water drop Subcommittee on Hydrology (SOH) - Donald Frevert, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and Co-Chair of the Subcommittee on Hydrology

water drop Resolution on maintenance of the present USGS National Streamflow Information Program

water drop Subcommittee on Sedimentation (SOS) - John R. Gray, US Geological Survey- Chair of the Subcommittee on Sedimentation

water drop Subcommittee on Spatial Water Data (SSWD) - Bob Pierce, USGS, Enterprise Geographic Information, Geographic Information Office

water drop Task Force on the USGS Cooperative Water Program (COOP) - Barney Austin, Western States Water Council, and Steering Committee of the 2004 Coop Task Force

water drop Update on WQDE - Making the Most of Biological Water Quality Monitoring: Ecological and Toxicological Water Quality Data Elements

Special Topics

water drop The GAO Report on Water Data Coordination - Assistant Director, Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Government Accounting Office (GAO)

water drop Overview of Ocean Activities Related to a National Monitoring Network - John Haines, Coastal and Marine Program Coordinator, U.S. Geological Survey and Executive Committee for Development of IOOS

water drop Nutrient Task Force Report - Herb Buxton, USGS, and Co-Chair of the Monitoring, Modeling and Research Workgroup of the Gulf of Mexico/Mississippi River Nutrient Task Force )

water drop Nutrient Task Force Continued - Peter Tennant,Ohio River Basin Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) and Member Council on Environmental Quality's Ocean Task Force

water drop Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) - David Denig-Chakroff, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

Keynote Speakers:

water drop The Rapidly Disappearing Wetlands of Coastal Louisiana - Mike Tidwell, Filmmaker and Author of the book Bayou Farewell

water drop Final Report on Watershed Management: Better Coordination of Data Collection Efforts Needed to Support Key Decisions: - Laura Gatz, General Accounting Office

Live Internet Demos

water drop Pacific Northwest Data Exchange - Curtis Cude, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and Alternate, National Water Quality Monitoring Council

water drop NAWQA Data Warehouse - Pete Ruhl, USGS National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program


water drop ACWI Action 2004 Items - Toni Johnson, ACWI, Executive Secretary

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