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Diet & Nutrition

Delicious Decisions
Delicious Decisions will show you just how much "delicious" and "nutritious" can have in common. Glance at our Contents or click on the chapter tabs to your right to enter a world of delicious eating and healthy living. Or, use our Recipe Quick Find to locate dozens of other heart-healthy recipes you can make today. more
imageNutrition Facts
Better food habits can help you be healthier. Visit our Nutrition Web site,, for recipes, tips and more. The American Heart Association recommends that Americans eat a variety of foods daily from all of the basic food groups. more
Dietary Recommendations
Here you'll find the latest advice from medical and nutrition experts on the best way to help lower your blood cholesterol level and eat less saturated fats and cholesterol, and control your weight. more
imageShopping Made Simple
Today is a great day to start a nutrition resolution. Look for foods bearing the American Heart Association's red heart with the white check mark to spot heart-healthy foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol easily and reliably. more

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Know Your Fats

Make Healthy Food Choices

Tips for Eating Out

American Heart Association cookbooks are filled with heart-healthy recipes and tips. You can learn more about them in the cookbook section, including our newly released "Low-Salt Cookbook."

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