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External Task Force Review of the United States Geological Survey Federal-State Cooperative Water Program, August 1999

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Title Page
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Executive Summary
Task Force Charter and Direction
  Terms of Reference
  Advisory Committee on Water Information Subgroup Guidance
  Task Force Issues
Task Force Activities and Procedures
  Task Force Structure
  Task Force Meetings
  Panel Discussions
  Topical Briefings
  1994 U.S. Geological Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey of Cooperators
  Task Force Verbal Survey of Cooperators
  Task Force Numerical Survey of Cooperators
  Informational Documents
  Decision-Making Process
Review of the Cooperative Water Program
  Conduct of Work
Findings and Recommendations Resulting from the Review of the Cooperative Water Program
Figure 1 Recent history of appropriated funding for the Cooperative Water Program of the U.S. Geological Survey, in real dollars
Figure 2 Recent history of all funds for the Cooperative Water Program of the U.S. Geological Survey, in real and 1987 dollars
Table 1. Membership of the Task Force to Review the U.S. Geological Survey Federal-State Cooperative Water Program
Table 2. Task Force subgroup membership
Table 3. Task Force meeting locations and dates
Table 4. Topical briefings
Table 5. Informational documents provided to the Task Force
Appendix A Federal-State Coopertive Water-Resources Program Fact Sheet
Appendix B Minutes of the Task Force Meetings
Appendix C Survey of Cooperator Satisfaction
Appendix D The 1999 Verbal Survey of Cooperators
Appendix E The 1999 Numerical Survey of Cooperators
Appendix F Selected Water Resources Division Policy Memorandums


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