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Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable

Conditions and Trends Statistics

Council on Environmental Quality

Environmental Quality Statistics: Aquatic Resources

Department of Agriculture

Agriculture and Water Quality

National Water and Climate Center

Past and Future Freshwater Use in the United States

Department of Commerce

Hydrologic Information Center

1995 National Shellfish Register of Classified Growing Waters

National Climatic Data Center

Office of Sustainable Fisheries, 2003 Report to Congress

Statistical Abstract of the United States, Section 6, Geography & Environment

Department of Health and Human Services

Surveillance for Waterborne-Disease Outbreaks, U.S., 1995-1996

Department of the Interior

Concepts for National Assessment of Water Availability and Use
USGS Circular 1223

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data for Water Resources

Ground Water Atlas of the United States

National Contaminant Biomonitoring Program

National Water Conditions

National Water Quality Assessment Program

National Wetlands Inventory

Science in Your Watershed

Stream Water Quality in the Conterminous United States
Status and Trends of Selected Indicators During the 1980s

USGS Water Data

Water Watch - Maps and Graphs of Current Water Resources Conditions

Department of Transportation

Pollution Incidents in and Around U.S. Waters: A Spill/Release Compendium 1969-1998

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Indicators Initiative (EII)
State of the Environment

Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Program (EMAP)

Great Lakes National Program Office Environmental Indicators

Index of Watershed Indicators: National Maps

National Coastal Condition Report II, 2004

National Water Quality Inventory: 1998 Report to Congress

Office of Environmental Information

Storage and Retrieval of Water Quality Information

Surf Your Watershed

Water Atlas

Watershed Assessment, Tracking, & Environmental Results

Watershed Information Network

European Environment Agency

H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
The State of the Nation's Ecosystems

Interagency Working Group on Sustainable Development Indicators or

Natural Resources Defense Council

Testing the Waters - 2001: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches

State of Florida
Environmental Indicator Technical Assistance Series

State of Maryland
Watershed Indicators

World Resources Institute
Water Resources and Freshwater Ecosystems

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