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National Water Quality Monitoring Council Membership

Ambrose, Mary Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Region 6 Austin, Texas
Backous, Bill Washington Department of Ecology Region 10 Olympia, Washington
Brass, Herb (Alternate) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Federal Cincinnati, Ohio
Connor, Valerie California State Water Resources Control Board Region 9 Sacramento, California
Cox, Jim National Association of State Conservation Agencies Agriculture Tappahannock, Virginia
Cude, Curtis (Alternate) Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Region 10 Portland, Oregon
Currier, Paul New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Region 1 Concord, New Hampshire
Dates, Geoff (Alternate) River Network Environmentsl/Watersheds Hartland, Vermont
Deal, Edmond (Alternate) Association of American State Geologists Geology Butte, Montana
Denig-Chakroff, David Madison Water Utility Municipal - Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Madison, Wisconsin
Dycus, Don Tennessee Valley Authority Federal Chattanooga, Tennessee
Vacancy   Federal  
Garceau, Art Indiana Department of Environmental Management Region 5 Indianapolis, Indiana
Green, Linda University of Rhode Island - Watershed Watch Volunteer Monitoring Kingston, Rhode Island
Griffin, Judith
Executive Secretary
U.S. Geological Survey National Water Quality Monitoring Council Reston, Virginia
Houts, Mike (Alternate) Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division Region 6 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Johnson, Toni U.S. Geological Survey Advisory Committee on Water Information Reston, Virginia
Knopp, Chris U.S. Forest Service Federal Washington, D.C.
Korndoerfer, Alfred New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Region 2 Trenton, New Jersey
Laine, James West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Region 3 Charleston, West Virginia
Lamb, Eugene W. National Association of Conservation Districts Agriculture (Non-Government) Washington, D.C.
Leslie, Fred Alabama Department of Environmental Management Region 4 Montgomery, Alabama
Long, Barry National Park Service Federal Ft. Collins, Colorado
Vacancy Natural Resources Conservation Service Federal  
Makepeace, Seth (Alternate) Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Tribal Pablo, Montana
Mallard, Gail
U.S. Geological Survey Federal Westerly, Rhode Island
Masson, Greg U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Arlington, Virginia
McCollor, Sylvia
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Region 5 St. Paul, Minnesota
McDonald, Michael U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Federal Monitoring Coordinator Durham, North Carolina
Vacancy   Geology  
Olsenius, Christine
Tennessee Valley Authority Federal Annapolis, Maryland
Patton, Deborah Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. Tribal Phoenix, Arizona
Radulescu, Dan California Environmental Protection Agency Environmental/Technical - Water Environment Federation Los Angeles, California
Redfield, Garth South Florida Water Management District Watersheds/Wetlands West Palm Beach, Florida
Sanders, Tom (Alternate) Colorado State University Academia Ft. Collins, Colorado
Schloss, Jeffrey University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Environmental
Watersheds - North American Lake Management Society
Durham, New Hampshire
U.S.Environmental Protection Agency Federal Washington DC
Stanford, Hal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Federal Silver Spring, Maryland
Tennant, Peter Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) River Basin Commission Cincinnati, Ohio
Tucker, David City of San Jose, Environmental Services Department Municipal - Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies San Jose, California
Van Soestbergen, Jon (Alternate) Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Region 3 Richmond, Virginia
Vowinkel, Eric (Alternate) U.S. Geological Survey Federal West Trenton, New Jersey
Ward, Robert Colorado State University Academia Ft. Collins, Colorado

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