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May 2001 Meeting

May 15-16, 2001
American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCE Bechtel Conference Center
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, Virginia 20191-4400

water drop May 2001 Report

water drop Meeting Action Items (PDF File 59,475 KB)

water drop ACWI Resolution on Data Elements for Reporting Water Quality Results    (approved 5/15/01)

water drop ACWI Round Table 2001

water drop ACWI 2001 Agenda

water drop Meeting Announcement

water drop On-Line Water Highlights

water drop Federal Register Notice of Re-Establishment (published 3/21/01)

water drop ACWI Charter (signed by Secretary of the Interior, Gale A. Norton, 3/12/01, filed 4/3/01)

water drop Various Attachments

water drop Presentations

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