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Advisory Committee on Water Information

List of Acronyms

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This list is a compilation of various acronyms used by the Water Information Coordination Program (WICP) and the Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI). It includes the names of member organizations, ACWI subgroups and previously defined acronyms in published reports. It also includes other acronyms from complied subcommittee fact sheets, brochures, ACWI subcommittee reports, and additional sources that are in the public domain.

The objective of this list is to provided assistance in understanding our site and the work of our committees. It should not be considered an official U.S. Geological Survey or other Federal list.

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AASG   Association of American State Geologists

ACC   American Chemistry Council

ACWI   Advisory Committee on Water Information

AHR   American Heritage Rivers

AMSA   Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies

AMWA   Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

ASCE   American Society of Civil Engineers

ASDWA   Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

ASFPM   Association of State Floodplain Managers

ASIWPCA   Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators

AWRA   American Water Resources Association

AWWA   American Water Works Association

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CAFO   Combined Animal Feedlot Operations

CALM   Consolidated Assessment and Listing Methodology

CDER/FDA   Center for Drug Evalution and Research/Food and Drug Administration

CEQ   Council on Environmental Quality

COOP   USGS Cooperative Water Program

CSKT   Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

CTIC   Conservation Technology Information Center

CWA   Clean Water Act

CWAP   Clean Water Action Plan

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DEQ   Department of Environmental Quality

DOI   Department of Interior

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E-GOV   Electronic Government

EPA   Environmental Protection Agency

EPRI   Electric Power Research Institute

ESA   Ecological Society of America

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FACA   Federal Advisory Committee Act

FEMA   Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEDCA/FDA   Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act/Food and Drug Administration

FGDC   Federal Geographic Data Committee

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GAO   General Accounting Office

GCLAS   Graphical Constituent Loading Analysis System

GIS   Geographic Information System

GLB   Great Lakes Basin

GPRA   Government Performance and Results Act

GSA   General Service's Administration

GWPC   Ground Water Protection Council

GW/SW   Ground Water/Surface Water

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HFAWG   Hydrologic Frequency Analysis Work Group

HUC   Hydrologic Unit Code

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ICWP   Interstate Council on Water Policy

IACWD   Interagency Committee on Water Data

ISO   International Organization for Standardization

ITFM   Intergovernmental Task Force on Water-Quality Monitoring

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LWVUS   League of Women Voters of the United States

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MDCB   Methods and Data Comparability Board

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NACD   National Association of Conservation Districts

NACP   National Association of County Planners

NALMS   North American Lake Management Society

NASCA   National Association of State Conservation Agencies

NAWQA   National Water-Quality Assessment Program

NELAP   National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

NEMI   National Environmental Methods Index

NEPA   National Environmental Policy Act

NGWA   National Ground Water Association

NOAA   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOS   National Ocean Service

NOx's   Oxides of Nitrogen (example NO2,NO3 and others)

NRC   National Research Council

NRCS   Natural Resources Conservation Service

NSIP   National Steamflow Information Program

NWQMC   National Water Quality Monitoring Council

NWIS   National Water Information System

NWS   National Weather Service

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OCWWS   Office of Climate,Water, and Weather Service

OMB   Office of Management and Budget

OWQ   Office of Water Quality

OWQW   Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

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PBS   Performance-Based Systems

PP   PowerPoint

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SDI Group   Sustainable Development Indicators Group

SFWMD   South Florida Water Management District

SGTF   Streamgaging Task Force

SMIAPR   Sediment Monitoring Instrument and Analysis Research Program

SNOTEL   Snow Telemetry Program

SOH   Subcommittee on Hydrology

SOS   Subcommittee on Sedimentation

SSC   Suspended-Sediment Concentration

SSWD   Subcommittee on Spatial Water Data

STORET   STOrage and RETrieval System

SWRR   Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable

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  Total Maximum Daily Load 

TSS   Total Suspended Solids

TVA   Tennessee Valley Authority

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UCOWR   Universities Council on Water Resources

UFP   Unified Federal Policy

US   United States

USACE   United States Army Corp of Engineers

USDA   United States Department of Agriculture

USDOI   United States Department of Interior

USEPA   United States Environmental Protection Agency

USFS   United States Forest Service

USFWS   US Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS   United States Geological Survey

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WEF   Water Environmental Federation

WICP   Water Information Coordination Program

WIN   Water Information Network

WQ   Water-Quality or Water Quality

WQDE   Water Quality Data Elements

WQ's   Water - Quality Standards

WSWC   Western States Water Council

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