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The Big Bend Paisano
The Official Newspaper of Big Bend National Park

The Big Bend Paisano, (Spanish for "roadrunner") is published three times per year by the National Park Service and the Big Bend Natural History Association for the orientation and education of visitors to Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River.

This 16 page newspaper is filled with valuable information and interesting articles written by Big Bend's naturalist division. This valuable resource is now available for you to download and read/print at your leisure.

The park newspaper is in PDF format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader  for proper viewing and printing.
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Cover of the current issue
Fall 2004
60th Anniversary of Big Bend NP
Fall 2004 - 60th Anniversary of Big Bend National Park
Full 16-page document in Adobe Acrobat format (2.55MB)

Page One - Cover, introduction, and table of contents; 116kb
Page Two - Superintendent's Welcome, and volunteer honor roll; 159 kb
Page Three - Big Bend Natural History Association information, featured items, and upcoming seminars;149 kb
Page Four - Park News; 158 kb
Page Five - Creating Big Bend; 140 kb
Page Six - Sixty Years of Resource Protection; 94 kb
Page Seven - Keeping Wildlife Wild; 257 kb
Page Eight - Seeing the Park; 122 kb
Page Nine - Big Bend Trails; 157 kb
Page Ten - Out & About; 208 kb
Page Eleven - Early Views of the park; 159 kb
Page Twelve - General visitor information; 80 kb
Page Thirteen - Backcountry planning; 446 kb
Page Fourteen - Park map and local phone numbers; 467 kb
Page Fifteen - Safety Information, 283 kb
Page Sixteen - Back matter, BBHNA Application, 198 kb

Back Issues
2004 Spring Issue
The Rio Grande
2003 Fall/Winter Issue
Biking Big Bend, Floating the Rio Grande, Backpacking
2003 Spring Issue
Desert Wildflowers, Plant Habitats and Diversity
2003 Winter Issue
Oral History Project, Park Historic Sites (Mariscal Mine/Hot Springs/Dugout Wells/Castolon)
2002 Summer/Fall Issue
Backcountry Road Explorations, Floating the Rio Grande, Backpacking

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