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Science Ambassador Program

What is the Science Ambassador Program?

The Science Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for science teachers to partner with the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD). This pairing with NCBDDD will afford teachers excellent educational opportunities to explore well-documented scientific issues and to learn about a variety of different topics, including folic acid, birth defects, genetics, fetal alcohol syndrome, epidemiology, and surveillance. While we at NCBDDD have the scientific expertise, teachers have the educational background that will allow them to translate this expertise into effective lesson plans and classroom activities that can be shared with their students. Teachers will be able to craft relevant and up-to-date lessons that will engage students by bringing pertinent birth defects, developmental disabilities, and disability and health issues into the classroom. These lessons will meet National Science Education Standards, as well as standards set by the Georgia Department of Education, with the ultimate goal of producing lesson plans about public health scientific concepts that can be applied by schools nationwide.

Indeed, the purpose of the Science Ambassador Program is to develop a collaborative education community among public health scientists and science teachers across the nation. By introducing students to public health at a young age, NCBDDD and science teachers will be able to nurture and foster future public health professionals.  In addition, the Science Ambassador Program will allow teachers to expand their professional network to include scientists here at NCBDDD and educational experts at Georgia Learning Connections (GLC).

With the combined talents of teachers and scientists, we can effectively promote the health of babies, children, and adults, and enhance the potential for full, productive living.

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