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Proceedings of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Sediment Workshop


Barnes, Peter W.:
Marine and Lacustrine Sedimentary Processes Involving Non-Glacial Ice

Bennett, James P.:
Resistance, Sediment Transport, and Bedform Geometry Relationships in Sand-Bed Channels

Besser, John, Dwyer, Jim, Ingersoll, Chris:
Development and Application of Methods for Assessing Bioavailability of Contaminants associated with Sediments: II. Bioaccumulation and Toxicity Identification Procedures

Buchholtz ten Brink, M., Bothner, M.H., Manheirm, F.T., and Butman, B.:
Contaminant Metals in Coastal Marine Sediments: A Legacy for the Future and a Tracer of Modern Sediment Dynamics

Carr, R. Scott:
Marine and Estuarine Sediment Quality Assessment Studies

Chavez Jr., Pat. S., Velasco, Miguel, Sides, Stuart:
Mapping Suspended Sediments Using Remotely Sensed Satellite Images: San Francisco Bay

Church, S.E.:
A Watershed-Scale Approach to Tracing Metal Contamination in the Environment

Eychaner, James H.:
Continuous Turbidity Monitors at Two West Virginia NAWQA Sites

Gannon, John E.:
Bottom-substrate Research at the Great Lakes Science Center-Accomplishments and Capabilities

Gaugush, Robert F., Rogala, James T., DeHaan, Hank, Gowda, Prasanna
Sediment Research and Monitoring Activities on the Upper Mississippi River System as Part
of the Long Term Research and Monitoring Program

Glysson, G. Douglas and Gray, John R.:
Coordination and Standardization of Federal Sedimentation Activities

Gray, J.R., Williams, S.J., Finger, S.E., and Jones, J.W.:
Overview of USGS Sediment Research Capability

Halley, R.B., Prager, E.J., Stumpf, R.F., Holmes, C.W., Bothner, M.H., Brewster-Wingard, G.L., Ishman, S.E., Shinn, E.A., Brink M.B. ten, Willard, D.A., Hansen, M.E., Orem, W.H.:
Sedimentology and Florida Bay Ecology: Past, Present, and Future

Hooper, Richard P.:
Sediment Sampling in the National Stream Quality Accounting Network

Hupp, Cliff R.and Phillips, Scott W.:
Sediment Sources, Transport, Deposition, and Retention Times Within the chesapeake Bay Watershed: As part of the USGS chesapeake Bay Ecosystem Initiative

Ingersoll, Chris, Besser, John, and Dwyer, Jim:
Development and Application of Methods for Assessing the Bioavailability of Contaminants Associated with Sediments: I. Toxicity and the Sediment Quality Triad

Kimball, Briant A.:
Effects of Colloidal Iron and Aluminum on the Tranport and Transformation of Metals in Rivers Affected by Mine Drainage

Koltun, G.F.:
The Future of Sedcalc-A Tool for Computation of Daily Suspended-Sediment Discharge

Koltun, G.F., Landers, M.N., Nolan, K.M., and Parker, R.S.:
Sediment Transport and Geomorphology Issues in the Water Resources Division

Luoma, Samuel N., Hornberger, Michelle, Cain, Daniel J., Brown, Cynthia, Lee, Byeong-Gweon and Axtmann, Ellen V.:
Fate, Bioavailability and Effects of Metals in River and Estuaries: role of Sediments

Madej, Mary Ann:
Sediment Research at the Redwood Field Station, California Science Center

Meade, Robert H.:
Past, Present, and Future of Sediment Research i the U.S. Geological Survey

Mueller, David S.:
Field-Based Research on Channel Scour at Bridges

Orem, William H. and Kotra, Rama K.:
The Role of Biogeochmistry in USGS Sediment Research

Osterkamp, W.R.:
Research Considerations for Biogeomorphology

Parker, R.S., Sueker, J.K., and Boulger, R.W.:
Suspended-Sediment Data in Environmental Studies

Robbins, E.I., Anderson, J.E., Cravotta, C.A., Bilger, M.D., Desmond, G.B., Earle, J.I., Flohr, M.J.K., Jordan, B.M., Krishnaswamy, Rama, Nord, Jr., G.L., Seal, II, R.R., and Snyder, C.D.
AMD Flocculates and Precipitates: Potential for Habitat Destruction by Sediment of a Different Color

Rubin, D.M.:
Predicting Deposition and Erosion Rates in Marine Environments

Schoellhamer, David H., Cacchione, David A., Rubin, David M., Cheng, Ralph T., Dingler, John R., Jaffe, Bruce E., and Stumpf, Richard P.:
Sediment-Transport Research in San Francisco Bay

Schwab, William, C., Butman, Bradford, Buchholtz ten Brink, Marilyn, and Danforth William W.:
High-Resoluvtion Geologic Mapping of the Coastal Ocean: Application to Coastal and Sea Floor Management

Smith, David B.:
Stream Sediment Geochmical Databases in the USGS Mineral Resources Program: current Status, Potential Uses, Needs and Opportunities for Enhancement

Van Metre, Peter, C. and Callender, Edward:
Occurrence and Trends in Hydrophobic Contaminants Identified Using Streambed Sediments and Reservoir Sediment Cores--The National Water-Quality Assessment Program Approach

Wiener, James G.:
Sediment-Related Investigations at the Upper Mississippi Science Center

Winger, Parley V. and Lasier, Peter J.:
Sediment and Pore-Water Evaluations: Capabilities and Interests

Workshop Proceedings
Contributions from Other Federal Agencies