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Background Information

Would you like to teach about the environment, but feel that you don't have the technical background? You've arrived at the right place! We've put together a collection of fact sheets, brochures, and web pages that you can use to explain environmental issues. These resources offer basic and clear information to assist you in teaching your students about the environment.

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Air Conservation

acid rain, indoor air pollution, ozone, radon

energy, environmental stewardship, natural resources, pollution prevention

  Ecosystems Environmental Basics
  ecology, endangered species, global warming, habitats, watersheds acid rain, indoor air pollution, ozone, radondefinitions, laws, introduction to environmental issues
  Human Health In Your Neighborhood
  drinking water, fish advisories, indoor air, lead, ozone depletion, pesticides, radon, smog

databases, local issues, maps

  Waste & Recycling Water

garbage, household, hazardous & solid waste, landfills, superfund cleanups, trash

drinking water, ecosystems, lakes, oceans, rivers, water pollution, watersheds



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