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The CDC/Atlanta Data Center provides comprehensive, high-performance, cost-effective mainframe computing services to CDC and other users of public health-related information. The data center focuses primarily on statistical, database, administrative, and financial applications. Additionally, the data center provides large amounts of on-line storage and central printing for mainframe computer users. These services are provided on IBM S/390 compatible systems (including central processors, storage, communications facilities, printers, and software) running the OS/390 operating system. The data center, operating in an open-shop environment where users own and control their own applications, currently provides support and technical services to more than 10,000 users. Emphasis on high reliability in a stable computing environment ensures that critical jobs are completed on schedule and without error.

Mainframe Hardware Configuration

  • IBM 9672-RC6 Processor, 2 GB Real Storage, 2 GB Expanded Storage
  • STK 1600/6250 bpi Tape Drive (2)
  • IBM 3480 Cartridge Tape Drive (8)
  • STK 3490 Cartridge Tape Drive (20)
  • Hitachi Freedom 7700E Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) storage unit configured as follows:
    • 3390-3 disk volumes (234)
    • 3390-9 disk volumes (90)
  • IBM 3172-3 Control Unit (2)
  • HDS 3745 Front End Communications Processor (1)
  • IBM 3174 Control Unit (7) Local (4) Remote
  • IBM 3827 Laser Printer (1)
  • IBM 3160 Laser Printer (2)
  • IBM 6262 Impact Printer (1) Local (2) Remote
  • IBM 3130 Laser Printer (2) Remote
  • IBM 4320 Laser Printer (6) IP network attached
  • IBM 4324 Laser Printer (69) IP network attached
  • IBM 4332 Laser Printer (8) IP network attached

Mainframe User Software

    Data Management

    • ADABAS -- Software AG's Database System
    • BASIS -- Text Information Management System
    • PREDICT -- Software AG Data Dictionary
    • CA-IDMS -- CA's Database Management System

    On-Line Systems

    • CICS -- IBM's Communications Handler
    • ROSCOE -- On-Line Program Development System
    • TSO -- IBM's Time Sharing System

    System Management

    • TMS -- Tape Management System
    • TOP SECRET -- System Security
    • SMS -- Storage Management

    Programming Languages

    • FORTRAN G,H -- FORTRAN Compilers
    • VS/FORTRAN -- FORTRAN Compiler
    • SAS 'C' -- 'C' Compiler
    • NATURAL -- Software AG's 4GL Programming Language
    • CONSTRUCT -- Software AG Code Generator
    • PL1 -- PL1 Optimizing Compiler
    • COBOL/390 -- COBOL Compiler
    • COBOL II -- COBOL II Compiler

    Utility Programs

    • DFSORT -- IBM's Sort/Merge
    • SyncSort -- SyncSort's sort/merge

    Statistical Software

    • BMDP -- BMDP's Biomedical Statistical Software
    • SAS -- Statistical Analysis System Products

        -- SAS BMDP
        -- GRAPH: Color Graphics
        -- FSP: Interactive Data Entry
        -- ETS: Financial Tools
        -- IML: Interactive Matrices Programming
        -- AF: Interactive Applications Facility
        -- QC: Statistical Quality Control
        -- RTI: Research Triangle Inst. SAS Procs
        -- SHARE: Shared Access to SAS Data Libs
        -- TSO Tutor: Fundamentals of SAS
        -- TSO Tutor: Expanding SAS Skills
        -- TSO Tutor: SAS Report Writing

    • SPSSX -- Statistical Package for Social Sciences

Service Levels

CDC/Atlanta mainframe processing service levels consist of prime time, night, and weekend CPU limits and tape use on job submitted and the targeted turn around time for each as follows.

Prime Shift batch is restricted to classes D, E ,F, and V.

D 2 minutes CPU with tapes
E 10 seconds CPU and no tapes
F 1 minute CPU and no tapes
V 5 minutes CPU with tapes

Night and Weekend Batch Classes A and W

A 30 minute CPU with tapes
W 120 minute CPU with tapes

Targeted Turn Around Times and Prime Shift Success Rate

Class Target Success Rate Past 12 Months
E 10 minutes                 98.67%
F 20 minutes 99.80%
D 1 hour 98.62%
A over night
W weekend

Disk and Tape Management Service Levels can be found in the CDC/Atlanta Data Center Mainframe User's Guide.

Current CDC/Atlanta Data Center Rates

Category Rate Comments
CPU processor $0.33/CPU Second Interactive prime shift
Tape I/O $0.11/1K EXCPs Interactive prime shift
(reads & writes)
Disk I/O $0.11/1K EXCPs Interactive prime shift
Tape mounts $1.50/Mount
Prime shift
Non-prime shift
Disk storage $0.81/Track/Mo. Anytime (approx $14.50 MB/Mo.)
Tape storage $4.00/Tape/Mo.
On site
Off site
Printing $0.04/Page Anytime
Keypunch $6.42/1K Keystrokes
$5.88/1K Keystrokes
$5.47/1K Keystrokes
$5.06/1K Keystrokes
1 day turnaround
3 day turnaround
5 day turnaround
10 day turnaround
Discounts for CPU and I/O charges only: 50% discount outside 7 a.m.--5 p.m. Mon Fri
50% discount for batch usage
CPU rates are based on IBM 9672-RC6 Processor

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