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2003 NSF Antarctic Artists & Writers Program
NSF 03-030

NSF Antarctic Artists & Writers Program
(NSF 04-558)

The Antarctic Artists & Writers Program provides opportunities for scholars in the humanities (painting, photography, writing, history, and other liberal arts) to work in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. These visitors will be able to make observations at U.S. Antarctic Program stations and research camps and in wilderness areas. The purpose is to enable serious writings and the arts that increase understanding of the Antarctic and help document America's antarctic heritage.

The National Science Foundation funds and manages the U.S. Antarctic Program, which is devoted mainly to scientific research and education in support of the National interest in the Antarctic.  The program’s research and support infrastructure enables access to much of the antarctic region.  Support funds are not directly awarded to selected applicants (see “What NSF provides,” below).

How to apply

Follow instructions in Antarctic Artists and Writers Program (NSF 04-558).


Nena Allen. Painter. 1991. Shows at galleries in southeastern United States.

Jennifer Armstrong.  Writer.  2003.  Ice through the ages (nonfiction book for young adults).

Elizabeth Arthur. Writer. 1990. Novel, Antarctic Navigation (Knopf, 1995).

Yvonne Baskin.  Science writer.  2003.  A book for the general reader about soil diversity.
James H. Barker. Ethnographer-photographer. 1996. Photographic documentation of the people of Antarctica.
Arthur Beaumont. Painter. 1958. Paintings of military, historical, and other subjects.
Kenneth Bertrand. Historian. 1961. Book: Americans in Antarctica, 1775-1948 (554p., American Geographical Society, 1971). The definitive history of U.S. involvement in the Antarctic.
Yann Arthus Bertrand.  Photographer.  2004.  Earth from above (Antarctica).

Lucy Jane Bledsoe. Writer. 1999, 2003.  Ice Planet Victoria (Holiday House, 2003), How to Survive in Antarctica (Holiday House, 2003), Mission to Antarctica (East Bay Express, 2000), forthcoming book about antarctic biology.

Alan Campbell. Painter. 1988, 1989, 1993. Watercolors and drawings displayed at shows and galleries in New Zealand, Chile, and the United States. Exhibition catalog.

Christopher Cokinos.  Writer.  2003.  The Fallen Sky: Eccentrics and Scientists in Pursuit of Shooting Stars (book about meteorites).

Lawrence J. Conrad and Ann Parks Hawthorne.  Toponymist and photographer. 2003.  Field Guide to Antarctic Features: McMurdo Sound Region (illustrated gazetteer).

Neelon Crawford. Photographer. 1989, 1991,1992, 1993, 1994. Exhibitions at galleries. Exhibition catalogs. Southern Lights Portfolio (photogravures etchings).

Leland Curtis. Artist. 1957.

Lucia deLeiris. Painter. 1985. 1995. Book (with author Sanford Moss): Natural History of the Antarctic Peninsula (Columbia University Press, 1988); watercolors and drawings shown at museums and galleries. Book (with Meredith Hooper): Antarctic Journal—the Hidden Worlds of Antarctica’s Animals (National Geographic and Frances Lincoln, 2000).

Jennifer Dewey. Painter, writer. 1985. Drawings and two illustrated children's books (The Adélie Penguin and The Wandering Albatross, Little, Brown, 1989) in her Birds of Antarctica series.

Donald Finkel. Poet. 1968. Book-length poems: Adequate Earth (Atheneum, 1972), Endurance (Atheneum, 1978). Poet Emeritus, Washington University.

Jody Forster. Photographer. 1992, 1995. Exhibitions in galleries in the American Southwest and elsewhere.

William L. Fox. Writer, 2001. Envisioning Antarctica: history and nature of antarctic images.

Elena Glasberg.  Humanities scholar.  2004.  End as beginning: an American antarctic imaginary (book).

James Gorman. Writer. 1991. Book, Ocean Enough and Time: Travels in the Southern Ocean (Harper Collins, 1995).

Mariana Gosnell. Writer. 1992. A book about ice (for Knopf, nearing completion in 1999).

Louis J. Halle. Writer. 1969. Book: The Sea and the Ice, a Naturalist in Antarctica (286p., Houghton Mifflin, 1973; Cornell University Press, 1989).

Ann Parks Hawthorne. Photographer. 1990, 1994, 1996. Numerous photo credits in domestic and international books and magazines. Represented by Black Star (New York) and C&B Alexander (England).

Meredith Hooper (writer) and Lucia deLeiris (illustrator). 1999. Book (with Lucia deLeiris): Antarctic Journal—the Hidden Worlds of Antarctica’s Animals (National Geographic and Frances Lincoln, 2000).

Meredith Hooper (writer) and William R. Fraser (ornithologist). 2001. A book about the doing of antarctic science.

Rebecca Johnson. Writer. 1991, 1994, 1997. Books for young adults: Investigating the Ozone Hole (Lerner, 1993), Science on the Ice: an Antarcitc Journal (Lerner, 1995), and Women Working in Antarctica (Lerner, 1997); book on polar paleontology (forthcoming).

Henry Kaiser. Musician, 2001. Solo acoustic guitar CD about Antarctica.

Scott Kelley.  Watercolorist.  2003.  Paintings.

Stuart Klipper. Photographer. 1989, 1992, 1994, 1999. Major exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, University of Iowa Museum of Art, Art institute of Chicago; included in these museums' collections. Forthcoming book(John Hopkins University Press). Twice awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Daniel Lang. Painter. 1975. Paintings at galleries and museums in USA and Europe. Traveling exhibition.

Edward J. Larson.  Historian of science.  2003.  Book-length history of antarctic science.

Gretchen Legler. Writer. 1997. Book of literary essays, forthcoming.

Barry Lopez. Writer. 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992. Articles for Harper's (May 1989, p.43-49, “Our frail planet in cold, clear view: the South Pole as global laboratory”), Washington Post Outlook, and Orion (Winter 1994, p. 48-65, “Offshore: A Journey to the Weddell Sea”). Future book.

Sandra Markle. Writer. 1996, 1998. Children's book, Pioneering Frozen Worlds (Atheneum, 1996). Super Cool Science. South Pole Stations Past, Present, and Future (Walker and Company, 1997), Growing Up Wild: Penguins (Atheneum, 2000). Educational material on Internet, On-Line Expeditions: Antarctica (1996-) and Antarctic Journals (1998-). Numerous school and conference presentations.

Bob Marstall.  Artist.  2002.  Book (with Laurence Pringle, writer) for young readers about the Weddell seal.

Mary K. Miller. Web exhibition, 2001. Live @ the Exploratorium: Origins

Joan Myers.  Photographer.  2002.  Exhibitions and (with writer Sandra Blakeslee) a book.

Charles Neider. Writer. 1969, 1970, 1977. Books: Antarctica: Authentic Accounts. . .(anthology with introduction and notes, Random House, 1972; Cooper Square Press, 2000). Edge of the World: Ross Island, Antarctica (461p., Doubleday, 1974), Beyond Cape Horn: Travels in the Antarctic (387p., Sierra Club Books, 1980). Historic Guide to Ross Island.

Peter Nisbet. Painter. 1995. Landscape paintings and a book in progress.

Jude Nutter.  Painter and poet.  2004.  Time, place, and imagination: images and poems from Antarctica.

Michael Parfit. Writer. 1984. Book: South Light, a Journey to the Last Continent (306p., Macmillan, 1986; paperback, 1987; U.K. edition, 1988). Articles in Smithsonian, National Geographic, and others.

Eliot Porter. Photographer. 1975. Photographs, traveling exhibition, and book: Antarctica (169p., E. P. Dutton, 1978).

Stephen J. Pyne. Historian. 1982. Book: The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica (448p., University of Iowa Press, 1987; Arlington Books, 1987; Ballantine Books, 1988; University of Washington Press, 1998, with new preface; Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1999). Named by the New York Times Book Review to its Best Books list for 1987.

Douglas Quin. Sound recordist; musician. 1996, 1999. Collection of natural sounds of Antarctica and production of music and CDs.

Susan Fox Rogers.  Anthologist.  2004.  Anthology of essays by U.S. Antarctic Program participants.

David Rosenthal. Painter. 1993, 1996. Paintings for galleries and museums in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and elsewhere.

Kim Stanley Robinson. Writer. 1995. Science fiction book Antarctica (HarperCollins UK, 1997; Bantam Books, hardback 1998, paperback July 1999; numerous editions in translation).

Galen Rowell. Photographer and writer. 1992. "A most unearthly place," March 1993 Life. Book, Poles Apart: Parallel Visions of the Arctic and Antarctic (University of California Press, 1995).

Carl Safina. Writer, 2000. Book, Eye of the Albatross : Visions of Hope and Survival. 416 pages, Henry Holt & Company, Inc., (May 2002).

Connie Samaras.  Photographer.  2004.  Vast active living intelligence system: photographing the South Pole.

Emil Schulthess. Photographer. 1959. Book: Antarctica, a Photographic Survey (198p., Simon & Schuster, 1960).

William Stout. Painter and writer. 1992-1993. One-man exhibitions at various museums: 1997.Dinosaurs On Ice - William Stout's Antarctica. 1995.William Stout's Visions of Gondwana - Past and Present Life in Antarctica. 1994.William Stout - Lost Worlds. 1993.Studies From Gondwana - Landscapes and Wildlife of Antarctica. 1991-1995.Dinosaurs, Penguins, and Whales - The Wildlife of Antarctica. Numerous group shows. Forthcoming book.Lost Worlds - Prehistoric and Modern Life in Antarctica.

Thomas E. Svarney and Patricia Barnes-Svarney.  Writers.  2002.  Book about antarctic weather.
Kelly Tyler.  Writer.  2002.  Book about modern science and the Ross Sea Party of the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1917).

François Vuilleumier. Ornithologist. 1998. Book: Field Guide to the Birds of Patagonia and West Antarctica (Pica Press, forthcoming). The author is Curator, Department of Ornithology, American Museum of Natural History.

Gabrielle Walker.  Writer.  2004.  Antarctica—A Biography of a Continent (book).

Gabriel Warren. Sculptor. 1999. Ice-related sculptures. Indoor and outdoor exhibitions, public and private commissions. Art and landscape slide lecture tour. Forthcoming book of photography and writing.

Sophie Webb. Illustrator. 2001. Book, A Guide to the Birds of Chile and the Adjacent Antarctic.

Rachel Weiss. Sculptor, arts administrator ( chair, Arts Administration Program, Art Institute of Chicago). Arts and sciences exhibition and book Imagining Antarctica, displayed in several cities in 1986 and 1987.

James Westwater. Photochoreographer. 1977. Photographs and multimedia presentation (symphony orchestras with 3-screen slide show).

Sara Wheeler. Writer. 1994, 1995. Book, Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica (Random House, London, 1996; Vintage (paper), London, 1997; Heyne (German), 1997; Random House, New York, March 1998; Modern Library, 1999). Greetings from Antarctica (Peter Bedrick Books, July 1999).

James Woodside.  Painter.  2002.  Landscape paintings.

Norbert Wu. Underwater photography. 1997, 1999, 2001.  Books and articles of antarctic photographs and texts; PBS-TV Nature special, Under Antarctic Ice (2003).


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