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IA#53-04,   ----12/04/92   Attachment Revised 8/17/92

TYPE OF ALERT: Automatic Detention

PRODUCT      : Eyelash and Eyebrow Dyes


CODE         : 3304

PROBLEM      : Unsafe Colors - NEC (Coal Tar) (UCNC)

COLLECTION   : 29002

COUNTRY      : See Attachment

SHIPPER      : See Attachment

SHIPPER I.D.#: See Attachment

I.D. #       : N/A

CHARGE       : "The article is subject to refusal of admission in accordance
               with Section 801(a)(3) in that it appears to bear or contain,
               for the purpose of coloring only, a color additive which is
               unsafe within the meaning of Section 706(a) [Adulteration,
               Section 601(e)]."

OFFICE       : Division of Import Operations and Policy (HFC-170)

ALERT        : This alert was initiated in 1982 when it was noted that, upon
               chemical analysis, a number of eyelash and eyebrow dyes
               manufactured in Austria, Germany and England, shipped to the
               U.S., primarily through the mail, contained coal-tar dyes
               which are unsafe within the meaning of Section 706(a) of the
               FD&C; Act.

        Import Alert #53-04            Revised  12/04/92        Page 2

               The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Health
               Hazard Evaluation Board, evaluated the medical evidence
               related to a consumer injury along with scientific literature
               for coal-tar dyes.  Based on the review, the products listed
               in the attachment represented an acute, severe hazard to
               health with the possibility of permanent injury; i.e.,
               impaired sight, including blindness.

               The products are believed to be widely distributed in the
               United States, although they probably are not sold for direct
               use by consumers, but rather sold to and used in beauty
               salons.  Before use, the products are mixed with hydrogen
               peroxide and applied by a beautician to the eyelashes with a
               cotton swab.  The primary distributors in the U.S. are likely
               to be firms that supply goods to beauty salons; however,
               products may also be shipped directly to beauty salons by the

               Review of FY 91-92 detention data indicated detentions of
               eyelash and eyebrow dyes continue to be made for Dr. Olbrich's
               Combinal dye, Vienna, Austria; Refecto Cil, Vienna, Austria,
               and Henna, Berlin, Germany.  All entries were mail entries
               through DET-DO and BUF-DO.

INSTRUCTIONS : Automatically detain eyelash and eyebrow dyes from named
               manufacturers/shippers in the attachment.

               Alert U.S. Customs agents of the possible entry of the eyelash
               and eyebrow dyes at mail facilities.  Continue surveillance
               for coal-tar dyes in eyebrow and eyelash dyes.  Notify DIOP if
               any product not on the attachment is found to contain coal-tar
               dye (301) 443-6553.


FOI          : No purging is needed.

KEYWORDS     : Coal-tar dye, unsafe colors, eyelash dye, eye brow dye

PREPARED BY  : Linda A. Wisniowski, DIOP, 301-443-6553.

Attachment to IA #53-04       REVISED 8/17/94

The following eyelash and eyebrow dyes were found to contain coal-tar dyes:

1.   Product      : Dr. Olbrich's Combinal - Augenbrauen und Wimpernfarbe
                    (black, brown, blue, grey shades)

     Manufacturer : W. Pauli, Vienna, Austria

     I.D.         : ATPAUVIE

     Known Shipper: National Beauty Supply,
                    Mississauga, Canada

2.   Product      : Andora - Augenbrauen und Wimpernfarbe (all shades).

     Manufacturer : Andora-Cosmetic, Vienna, Austria

     I.D.         : ATANDVIE

3.   Product      : Refecto Cil - Augenbrauen und Wimpernfarbe (graphite,
                    black, brown and blue-black shades).

     Manufacturer :  Gschwenter-Haar Kosmetic Products, Vienna, Austria

     I.D.         : ATGSCKOSVIE

4.   Product      : Henna Gora - Augenbrauen und Wimpernfarbe (black, brown,
                    blue-black shades).

     Manufacturer : Else Sperlich Chem. Kosm. Fabrick, Berlin, Germany

     I.D.         : DEELSSPEBER

5.   Product      : Permalash (black and brown shades)

     Manufacturer : Zena Cosmetic Co., London, England

        Attachment TO IA #53-04          REVISED 8/17/94

     I.D.         : GBZENCOSLO

6.   Product      : Continental Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye (black and brown
                    (No known manufacturer or shipper)

7.   Product      : Elle Colour (or Elle Hair Color or New Elle)
                    Product of Israel

     Distributor  : ^                                                   ^

     Manufacturer : Unknown

8.   Product      : Pialan Hair Dye

     Manufacturer : W. Pauli Cosmetics, Vienna, Austria

9.   Product      : Belmacil Color

     Manufacturer : Anifa SA, Baar, Switzerland

     FOI          : Information between ^      ^ requires purging.

Recommended by: CFSAN, HFS-635

Prepared by     :      Yaun D. Han, DIOP, 301-443-6553