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National Science Foundation - Celebrating 50 Years

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NSF Faces and Places

1955 National Science Board Members; caption is below.

First Row: Dr. Gerty T. Cori, Mr. George W. Merck, Dr. Sophie B. Aberle, Dr. Alan T. Waterman, Dr. Chester I. Bernard, Dr. Detlev W. Bronk, The Rev. James B. Macelwane, Dr. Edwin B. Fred, Dr. A.A. Potter
Second Row: Dr. Joseph C. Morris, Miss Vernice Anderson, Dr. Donald H. McLaughlin, Dr. O.W. Hyman, Dr. Frederick A. Middlebush, Dr. Douglas M. Whitaker, Dr. Robert F. Loeb, Dr. Roger Adams
Third Row: Mr. Charles Dollard, Dr. Robert P. Barnes, Dr. Paul M. Gross, Dr. John W. Davis, Dr. Lawrence M. Gould, The Very Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Dr. George D. Humphrey, Dr. Earl P. Stevenson, Mr. Huff (General Counsel)
NSB Chair with 1999 Vannevar Bush Awardee; caption is below.
National Science Board Chair, Dr. Mary
Good with the 1989 Vannevar Bush
Awardee, Dr. Linus Pauling.
Dr. Colwell and Dr. Stever receive NSF50 polo shirts; caption is below.
Dr. Guyford Stever (seated) and Dr. Rita Colwell
receive NSF50 polo shirts from NSF Credit Union
CEO Lynn Whalen, Oct. 1999.
Dr. Linus Pauling with Dr. Richard Scheller; caption is below.
1989 Vannevar Bush Awardee Linus
Pauling with Richard Scheller 1989
Waterman Awardee.
Dr. Waterman being sworn in by Justice Douglas; caption is below.
NSF's first director, Dr. Alan T. Waterman
is sworn in by Justice Douglas, April 6, 1951.
NSF's first location; caption is below.
NSF's First Headquarters, 901 16th Street, N.W.


NSF's third location; caption is below.
NSF's Third Headquarters, H Street and Madison Place, N.W.
NSF's second location; caption is below.
NSF's Second Headquarters, 2144 California Street, N.W.


NSF's fourth location; caption is below.
NSF's Fourth Headquarter, 1951 Constitution Avenue.
NSF's Fifth location; caption is below.
NSF's Fifth Headquarters, 1800 G Street, N.W.

NSF50 Exhibit; caption is below.
NSF50 Exhibit.
NSF buidling's north entrance
NSF's current headquarters, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA.

More from the NSF50 photo archive.

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