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United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Kids Club
Garbage and Recycling
Many materials we use everday can be reused and recycled. On this page, you can explore ways to reduce the amount of garbage you throw away. Maybe you can even start a recycling program in your school or community!
The ABCs of Superfund
Impress your friends! Learn about EPA's Superfund program and then practice using 26 words we use when we clean up the environment.

A Kids Adventure Story
So what does "Superfund" mean anyway? How can pollution get into our water? Find out in this exciting adventure story.

Office of Solid Waste Kids Page
Join the Planet Protectors' Club and help protect the earth! At the "club," you can play fun games and solve cool puzzles!

Recycle City
A game, an interactive storybook, and other puzzles will teach you hundreds of ways a whole town can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Waste No Words
How much do you know about garbage and recycling? Find out in this totally awesome crossword puzzle!

When Greenville Turned Brown
Here you'll find an interactive story with really cool graphics that tells you how one town cleaned up their environment.