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Links to the most current reports in the National Patterns of Research and Development Resources series are available on the publication series page.

Data Update

The Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS) of the National Science Foundation publishes the report, National Patterns of R&D Resources, biennially. This report provides summaries and analyses of a wide variety of R&D data, including expenditures by source, type of research, share of budget, manpower resources, international comparisons, plus detailed tables tracing trends over three or four decades. In years for which there is not a full National Patterns publication, summary statistics on national and international R&D trends are analyzed in the biennial report of the National Science Board, Science & Engineering Indicators. Statistics on U.S. 1995 R&D totals will be published in Science & Engineering Indicators--1995.

Here are provided a set of 18 tables that include the 1995 data updates for U.S. and international R&D totals, character of work estimates for the U.S. R&D totals, defense and nondefense R&D trends, the geographic distribution of R&D performed in the United States, and estimates of the number of R&D scientists and engineers. A brief summary of 1995 R&D highlights are provided in the SRS Data Brief, "U.S. R&D Spending Will Not Pick Up in 1995." Readers should consult the report National Patterns of R&D Resources: 1994, for a detailed analysis of historical R&D trends and for methodological and technical information related to the SRS R&D surveys.

top Data Update

B-1Gross domestic product and GDP implicit price deflators: 1953-95
B-2National expenditures for R&D, by performing sectors and sources of funds: 1953-95
B-3Sources of funds for R&D, by sector: 1953-95
B-4R&D performance, by sector: 1953-95
B-5National expenditures for basic research, by performing sectors and sources of funds: 1953-95
B-6Sources of funds for basic research, by sector: 1953-95
B-7Basic research performance, by sector: 1953-95
B-8National expenditures for applied research, by performing sectors and sources of funds: 1953-95
B-9Sources of funds for applied research, by sector: 1953-95
B-10Applied research performance, by sector: 1953-95
B-11National expenditures for development, by performing sectors and sources of funds: 1953-95
B-12Sources of funds for development, by sector: 1953-95
B-13Development performance, by sector: 1953-95
B-16Scientists and engineers primarily engaged in R&D activities, by sector of employment: 1985-93
B-17Geographic distribution of U.S. R&D expenditures, by performer and sources of funds: 1993
B-19Scientists and engineers engaged in R&D, and per 10,000 labor force population, by country: 1981-93
B-20National expenditures for performance of R&D and R&D as a percentage of GDP, by country: 1981-95
B-21National expenditures for performance of nondefense R&D and nondefense R&D as a percentage of GDP, by country: 1981-95

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