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Program Manager
: Rebecca Spitzgo
: Creates a single portal for all federal grant customers to find, apply and ultimately manage grants on-line.
Progress to Date
: Identified application core data standards
  Launched web site
  Launched Find mechanism
  Phased 100% of agencies’ competitive announcements into Find mechanism
  Deployed Apply mechanism initial release
  Conducted Apply system training for agencies
  Conducted System-to-System workshop for agencies
  Conducted System-to-System workshop with educational institutions (applicant community)
  Integrated Find and Apply mechanisms
  Published 120 application packages
  Identified a research and related application data set
  Scheduled or completed system-to-system tests with 9 agencies
  Received 28 electronic applications from grantees
  Received ramp-up schedules from 15 grant making agencies
Next Steps
: Continue to work with agencies to develop consolidated ramp-up schedule for programs that can be placed on the Apply mechanism
  Continue to phase agencies’ programs into the Apply mechanism
  Deploy research and related (electronic) application form
  Deploy enhancements to the Find and Apply mechanisms through iterative releases, including increased grantor view integration
  Define Mandatory Grants Application data standards
  Deploy Mandatory Grants Application functionality
Web site

The Federal government awards over $300 billion in grants each year to state, local, and tribal governments, universities, and non-profit organizations. These grants are awarded through 26 major “grant-making” agencies in over 500 programs. Grant administration varies from agency to agency, program to program, and information about grants – and how to apply for them – is scattered in printed materials and across the Internet. As a result, potential recipients face a complex and burdensome task in trying to find grant opportunities and to apply for federal grants.

The initiative seeks to make it easier for potential recipients to obtain information about federal grants. Specifically, will create a single, on-line storefront for all federal grant customers to access grant information. The storefront will consolidate much of the grants information currently available on-line and will eliminate many of the paper-based processes that serve as hurdles to organizations attempting to find grant opportunities as well as apply for and manage grants. Additionally, will:

  • Make transactions with the government or obtaining financial assistance from the government easier, cheaper, quicker, and more comprehensible.
  • Eliminate submission of redundant information for organizational profile information and certifications.
  • Standardize the collection of financial report data in support of agency audit and performance measurement activities.

By simplifying grants processes, standardizing data, and unifying the mechanisms for interaction with grant-making agencies, will transform the grant process for the federal government and grant recipients. For recipients, common applications and management processes will minimize the burden of the application process. Time spent looking up procedures and filling out redundant information can then be used on the actual grant-related work. For grant administrators, electronic processing of applications will facilitate the review process, and enable agencies to make awards more efficiently.

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