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Why does chocolate melt in your hand? headline graphic


Are chocolate chips a solid or a liquid? It depends on how warm they are! In this experiment, you’ll see solid chocolate turn into liquid. It’s not magic–it’s science!

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Thermometer headline graphic

Heres a hot invention that makes for very cool science.
sent in by Sam P. of Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Show this to a grown up!
Explain to your child that everything in the world is made of tiny bits of matter called atoms and molecules. When objects are solid, the atoms and molecules are held together tightly. As objects melt, they are held more loosely. Stand facing your child and lock arms. Hang on tight and try to move. You're acting like a solid! Now, loosen your grip and start wiggling. You're starting to melt. Now hold hands, step back and boogy. You're a liquid!


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