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Title graphic- Find Out Why - Vol. 3, No.  (A Partnership of the National Science Foundation and TIME for Kids)

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Did You Know? Engineers build skyscrapers, bridges and domes using “triangle power!”

Try It! Use “triangle power” to create a super-strong, super-long bridge

By the Numbers Build your own soccer ball — out of straws and gumdrops

Spotlight on Building Big, a new PBS television series about the biggest structures in the world!

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You can ask more, discover more, explore more — with all-new experiments, links, resources and ideas.

Cool Science Stuff: Make a human dome, create your own engineering puzzles, and much more. Then check your engineering IQ in this issue’s Brain Buster quiz!

Resources: If you and your child enjoy designing and building your own structures, you’ll love these links!

Teachers: Find out why and the National Science Education Standards.


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Triangular cables support the 29,040 ft. Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Courtesy of Messerschmid/Folio, Inc.

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