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Mother and child doing activity

Feel and see sound waves at work! headline

Try this! Put your hand on your throat and start singing. Can you feel your vocal cords vibrating (moving back and forth)?

Make sugar dance illustration

Make Sugar Dance! headline

Use sound waves to make sugar dance!

Kids playing glass xylophone

Glass Xylophone headline

Can you play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” using only a spoon and 8 glasses filled with water?
Sent in by Christian L. of Portland, OR.

Show this to a grown up!
Sound travels in waves. The higher the frequency of the wave, the higher the pitch of the sound. The lower the frequency, the lower the pitch. Try helping your child to experiment with frequency and pitch by conducting the ZOOM experiment Glass Xylophone. Then encourage your child to watch a music video (one that you both enjoy!) and think about how the different instruments create vibrations.

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