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United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service
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Food Safety Education
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FSIS conducts tests for chemicals--including antibiotics, sulfonamides, and various other drugs, pesticides and environmental chemicals--in meat, poultry and egg products destined for human consumption. FSIS also conducts studies to determine presence of contaminants such as dioxin.
National Residue Program - Blue Books
This page contains a description of the FSIS National Residue Program, as well as links to the Program Plan for the last few years.

FSIS National Residue Program Data - Red Books
This page contains the data resulting from sampling of meat and poultry products for FSIS National Residue Program (Blue Book) for the last few years. The data is published as the Red Book.

Repeat Violator Alert List
This list contains the names and addresses of those parties responsible for repeat drug, pesticide, or chemical violations in animals presented for slaughter. It is updated monthly. "Repeat violators" are individuals or firms who repeatedly (i.e., on more than one occasion within a 12-month period) sell an animal for slaughter whose carcass is found to contain a violative level of a drug, pesticide, or other chemical residue; provided, however, that the most recent such sale occurred no earlier than September 6, 2001.

Residue Related Notices & Directives
View a consolidated listing of Federal Register and FSIS Notices related to residue testing policy.

FSIS Dioxin Survey for Meat & Poultry
This page contains information on the dioxin study conducted by FSIS, various Fact Sheets from FSIS, EPA and HHS, and questions and answers on dioxon.



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