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1997 Special Investigation in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns
Final Report on the Special Investigation
Section Title Section Title
1 Preface 18 The China Connection: Summary of Committee's Findings Relating to the Effort of the People's Republic of China to Influence U.S. Policies and Elections
2 Procedural Background and Overview 19 Charlie Trie's and Ng Lap Seng's Laundered Contributions to the DNC
3 Summary of Findings 20 Charlie Trie's Contributions to the Presidential Legal Expense Trust
4 The Thirst for Money 21 The Saga of Roger Tamraz
5 The White House Controlled the DNC and Improperly Coordinated the Activities of the DNC and Clinton/Gore '96 22 DNC Efforts to Raise Money in the Indian Gaming Community
6 The DNC Dismantled its System for Vetting Contributions 23 The Hudson Wisconsin Casino Proposal
7 DNC Fundraising in the White House: Coffees, Overnights, and Other Events 24 The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes: Their Quest for the Fort Reno Lands
8 Fundraising from the White House 25 The Offer of R. Warren Meddoff
9 White House Vetting of Individuals with Access to the President 26 White House, DNC and Clinton-Gore Campaign Fundraising Efforts Involving the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
10 Johnny Chung and the White House "Subway" 27 Compliance by Nonprofits with Committee Subpoenas
11 The Contribution of Yogesh Gandhi 28 Role of Nonprofit Groups in the 1996 Elections
12 Ted Sioeng, His Family, and His Business Interests 29 Allegations Relating to the National Policy Forum
13 John Huang's Years at Lippo 30 White House Document Production
14 John Huang at Commerce 31 DNC Document Production
15 John Huang Moves from Commerce to the DNC 32 Campaign Finance Reform Issues Brought to the Forefront by the Special Investigation
16 John Huang's Illegal Fundraising at the DNC 33 Recommendations
17 The Hsi Lai Temple Fundraiser and Maria Hsia    


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