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Funded Projects

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2004 Funded Projects new item logo

Region Funding Title, Project Coordinator and Organization


Reducing Pesticide Risks in Cold Climate Wine Grape Production - An Emerging New Crop in Northern New England
L.P. Berkett and M.E. Garcia, University of Vermont - Proposal
$34,009 YardScaping: Minimizing Reliance on Pesticides by Example Using Demonstration, Outreach and IPM Training
G. Fish, Maine Board of Pesticides Control - Proposal coming soon
2 $40,000 Development of a Landscape IPM Program in Puerto Rico
H. O'Farrill-Nieves, University of Puerto Rico Agricultural Extension Service - Proposal
3 $40,000 Collaborative IPM Education and Outreach in Underserved Row House Communities in Philadelphia
E. Hunter, Pennsylvania State University - Proposal
4 $39,958 Residential IPM Strategies in Rural Native American Communities
J.W. Burnette, Jr., North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Proposal


Pest Management Provider Education Network to Support IPM Adoption in Indiana Child Care Settings
T.J. Gibb, Purdue University - Proposal
$39,991 Promoting the Use of Advanced IPM in Wisconsin Apple and Cherry Orchards
D.L. Mahr & R.M. Hirsch, University of Wisconsin – Madison - Proposal


Measuring the Success of School IPM in Texas
J.A. Hurley, Southwest Technical Resource Center, Texas Cooperative Extension - Proposal
$39,685 Documentation of Pest Management Practices and Implementation of IPM In Oklahoma Public Schools
P.C. Bolin, Oklahoma State University - Proposal


Implementing Integrated Pest Management Practices in Missouri Schools
J. Grundler, Missouri Department of Agriculture - Proposal
8 $39,999 Reducing Pesticide Use by Floriculture Professionals in the Inter-Mountain Western Region of the United States Through Education
S.E. Newman, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension - Proposal


Developing an In-field Inspection Program and Chain of Custody Procedures for LWWC Sustainable Winegrape Productions Certification Program
C.P. Ohmart, Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission - Proposal
10 $39,816 Integrated Pest Management for the Raspberry Beetle, Byturus unicolor (Say), Using Life Stage Prediction and Cultural Management in Red Raspberry Production
C.MacConnell, Washington State University - Proposal

                    $500,000  2004 sub-total*

*Region 1 is being provided with $7,500 in additional support for their 2003 project which experienced funding difficulties. With this added funding, the total 2004 funding was $507,500.

                     $507,500  total funding (includes all projects supported with 2004 funds)

2003 Funded Projects

Region Funding Title, Project Coordinator and Organization


Management of the European Fire Ant in Eastern Maine
Eleanor Groden & Francis Drummond, University of Maine - Proposal
2 $40,000 Urban Residential IPM Strategies
Mark Robson, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey and Rutgers University Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute - Proposal
3 $19,656 Integrated Pest Management Training for Virginia Schools
Dini Miller & Edwin Lewis, Virginia Tech - Proposal
4 $40,000 Strategic Implementation of IPM in Schools Utilizing a Statewide Coalition
Joe Debrow, Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries, & L.C. "Fudd" Graham, Auburn University - Proposal


Michigan Field Crop Ecological Weed Management: A Decision Support System
Dale Mutch, Michigan State University - Proposal
$40,000 Reducing Pesticide Use and Risk in Urban Landscapes
Elizabeth Ann R. Bird, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Proposal - UWI website with progress reports Exit EPA disclaimer


Pesticide Risk Reduction Utilizing the PEET Multi-Objective Decision-Support System
D.L. Nofziger, Oklahoma State University - Proposal


Implementing IPM in Midwestern States Schools
Jim Ellerhoff, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship - Proposal
$34,220 Learning Modules & In-Service Training for IPM in K - 12 Schools in Nebraska
Scott Hygnstrom & Clyde Ogg, University of Nebraska - Proposal


Evaluating Reduced Risk Pesticides for Enhanced Biological Activity
Sue Blodgett, Montana State University - Proposal


Improved Management of the Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil in California to Protect Environmental Quality
Larry Godfrey, University of California-Davis - Proposal


Almond Pest Management: Alternatives to Dormant Organophosphate and Pyrethroid Sprays
Bob Elliot, California Department of Pesticide Regulation - Proposal


Long Live “MagNet”: Positive Points for IPM Tool Use
Alexandra Stone & Amy Dreves, Oregon State University - Proposal
                    $493,800  total funding

2002 Funded Projects

Region Funding Title, Project Coordinator and Organization


Reducing the Risks Associated with Herbicides for Growing Pumpkins in New England
Frank J. Himmelstein, University of Connecticut - Proposal
$40,000 Implementing Integrated Pest Management in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Schools
Kathleen Murray, Maine Department of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Resources - Proposal
2 $39,885 Transferring Knowledge of Shrub Ecology and Management to Promote Integrated Vegetation Management on Powerline Corridors
Christopher A. Nowak, The Research Foundation of State University of New York, for and in conjunction with, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry - Proposal


Development of Outreach Education Materials and Programming for Pesticide Use Reduction and Safety Practices
John E. Ayers & Kerry Hoffman-Richards, Penn State University - Proposal


Action Thresholds and Residue Analysis for Integrated Pest Management in North Carolina Elementary Schools
Coby Schal, Mike Linker & Michael Waldvogel, North Carolina State University - Proposal
$39,870 Increasing Adoption of Reduced Risk Practices in the Production of Woody Ornamentals
Norman Leppla, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science - Proposal


An Educational Outreach Extension Program to Train Fruit IPM Scouts: A Pilot Program Targeting Migrant Workers and Hispanic/Latino Blueberry Growers in Michigan
Carlos Garcia-Salazar, Michigan State University Extension - Proposal

(2001 funds)

Interactive IPM Assistance Program for Schools in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma
Janet A. Hurley, Texas Cooperative Extension - Southwest Technical Resource Center For IPM in Schools and Child Care Facilities - Proposal


Reducing Chemical Insecticide Inputs and Costs by Using Biologically-based Insecticides Against Diamondback Moth and Cabbage Looper on Cole Crops in Texas
Tong-Xian Liu, Texas A&M University - Proposal


An Outreach IPM, Reduced-Risk Pesticide and Biological Control Program for Greenhouse and Nursery Growers in Missouri
James Quinn, Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute - Proposal


Conservation of pollinators as a yield management strategy in sunflower
Gary J. Brewer, North Dakota State University - Proposal
-2002 funds
Developing Sustainable Management Procedures for Widespread Noxious Weeds on Public Lands in the Colorado Front Range
Timothy Seasteadt, University of Colorado - Proposal
-2001 funds


Pest Management and Pesticide Training for At-Risk Korean Farmers in Hawaii
Derek Shigematsu, Hawaii Department of Agriculture - Proposal


Good Bug, Bad Bug: A Novel Approach to IPM of Solanceous Weeds
Martin M. Williams II, Washington State University - Proposal
                    $500,000  2002 sub-total funding
                    $550,397  total funding (includes projects supported with 2001 funds)

2001 Funded Projects



Multilingual IPM Education
Craig Hollingsworth, University of Massachusetts - Proposal
2 $40,000 Pesticide Risk Reduction in Coffee: Analysis of Survey Results and Training on Pesticide Use Safety and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 
Wanda Almodóvar-Caraballo, University of Puerto Rico - Proposal
$39,637 Reducing Peach Production Insecticide Use, Residues, and Associated Risks to Farm Workers, Infants, and Children
Peter Shearer, Rutgers University - Proposal - Final Report
3 $39,982 IPM in Schools: Developing Local and Interstate Partnerships and Strategies for Implementation
Edwin Rajotte (Penn State University), Lee Bentz (Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture), & Jon Dale (Pennsylvania Department of Health) - Proposal
4 $39,980 Explore the IPM House: A Model for Youth Education in Residential Integrated Pest Management
Geoff Zehnder, Clemson University - Proposal - Final Report
5 $40,000 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Based Turf and Native Plantings Pilot Project
Robert Kusel & Susan Kamuda, Illinois Department of Agriculture via IPM Systems, LLC - Proposal - Final Report
$36,239 A Statewide Campaign to Reduce Residential Pesticide Exposure in Pre-School Age Children
Roger Flashinski, University of Wisconsin - Proposal - submitted (posting soon)
6 $40,000 Development of Model Fumigation Management Plan Utilizing Closed Loop Fumigation
Jim Criswell & Ron Noyes, Oklahoma State University - Proposal
7 $40,000 Using Inert Dusts to Detect, Assess and Control Varroa Mites in Honey Bee Colonies
Marion Ellis, University of Nebraska - Proposal
8 $39,999 Highway 285 Living Roadsides Project
Micki Davi, Mountain Resource Center - Proposal
9 $40,000 On-farm innovation: the analysis of the PUR database to identify locally-optimized ecological farm management practices
Minghua Zhang & Paul Richard Miller, University of California Davis - Proposal - Final Report
$38,000 Development of an Integrated System for Controlling San Jose Scale, Peach Twig Borer, Oriental Fruit Moth, Western Flower Thrips and Katydids in Clingstone Canning and Fresh Shipping Peaches, Plums and Nectarines
Gary Van Sickle, California Plum Marketing Board - Proposal - Final Report Submitted
10 $25,422 "MAGNET" - A Collaboration to Reduce Chlorpyrifos Dependence and Promote IPM Adoption in Root Crop Production
Alexandra Stone & Amy Dreves, Oregon State University - Proposal
                    $497,000  total funding

2000 Funded Projects



Bacillus thuringiensis japonensis strain Buibui for control of scarab pests of turfgrasses
Stephen Alm, University of Rhode Island - Proposal
2 $40,000 The Promotion of Integrated Pest Management in New Jersey and New York Schools
George Hamilton & Debrah Smith-Fiola, Rutgers University - Proposal - Final Report
4 $35,308 Evaluation and Incorporation of Low-Risk Insecticides into Southeastern Peach Pest Management
Dan Horton, University of Georgia - Proposal (extended)
5 $40,000 Interactive Tutorial: Pesticides and Pest Management at Home and in School
Chris Boerboom, University of Wisconsin - Proposal
$39,500 An Intensive Educational Training Program for Michigan and the North Central Region in Pest Ecology and Management
Dale Mutch, Michigan State University - Proposal - Final Report
6 $39,672 Pest Management In and Around Urban Buildings
Oklahoma State University - Proposal
7 $40,000 Iowa Minibulk Recycling Project
Patti Tornquist, Iowa Waste Exchange - Proposal - Final Report
$39,500 Reducing Pesticide Use on Apples by Implementing Innovative IPM Tactics Against the Sooty Blotch/Flyspeck Disease Complex on Apples
Stephen Wegulo, Paul Domoto, Forrest Nutter, Jr. & S. Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University - Proposal - Final Report Submitted
8 $39,698 Automated Aeration Strategies to Manage Insects in Stored Wheat on Montana Farms: Evaluation of Efficacy and Promoting Public Awareness
David Weaver, Montana State University - Proposal
9 $40,000 Pesticide Risk Reduction and Safety Training for At Risk Farmers in Hawaii
Barry Brennan, University of Hawaii-Manoa - Proposal - Final Report
$39,500 Grower Self-Assessment Program
Clifford Ohmart, Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission - Proposal (final report due 1/31/04)
10 $25,422 Green Peach Aphid Management in Potatoes
Keith Pike, Washington State University-Prosser - Proposal
$39,500 Promotion of Integrated Production of Winegrapes - The LIVE Certification Program for Oregon Vineyards. Christine Pascal-Roth, Oregon Wine Advisory Board, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Al MacDonald, M. Carmo Vasconcelos - Proposal
                    $498,100  total funding

1999 Funded Projects



Integrated Pest Management for Indoor and Structural Pests of Schools in the Northeast USA
William Coli, University of Massachusetts - Proposal
2 $40,000 Marketing Landscape Integrated Pest Management Services to Consumers
Jim Morris, Rutgers University - Proposal - Final Report
3 $40,000 IPM/Biological Control Program for Greenhouse Production of Vegetables and Ornamental Plants: Education, Training and Technology Transfer to Pennsylvania Growers
Lyle B. Forer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture - Proposal
- PSU Press Release Exit EPA disclaimer
$40,000* Demonstration of Model IPM Curriculum and Evaluation of Effects on Students’ and Teachers' Perceptions about Pests and Pesticide Use
Edwin Rajotte, Pennsylvania State University
*PESP will fund $31,916, Region III will fund $8,084 - Proposal
4 $40,000 Implementation of the Melcast Melon Disease Forecaster to Reduce Fungicide Use in South Carolina
Anthony Keinath, Clemson University - Proposal - Final Report
$39,294 Integration of Site Specific Management with GPS, Economic Thresholds, Variable Rate Application and Weed Sensing Sprayer for Reduction of Herbicide Use in Cotton
John Wilcut, North Carolina State University - Proposal - Final Report
5 $38,960 Using Farm*A*Syst Models to Develop a Risk Assessment Tool for Apple Growers to Reduce Pesticide Risks and Promote IPM
Gary Jackson, Michigan Farm*A*Syst/Home*A*Syst - Proposal - Final Report
6 $39,980 Combining the Use of Mini-Parasitoid Insectaries and Predator Power to Control Pecan Nut Casebearer
Joe Ellington, New Mexico State University - Proposal
7 $40,000 Drift Minimization through Education: An Interactive Multimedia CD and Internet Delivery Course of Study
John Slocombe, Kansas State University - Proposal
8 $40,000 Enhancing the Effectiveness of Biocontrol Insects as Part of Non-Chemical Management of Diffuse Knapweed
Timothy Seastedt, University of Colorado - Proposal
9 $40,000 Expansion and Optimization of Farmscaping in Strawberries for Pesticide Use Reduction and Erosion Control Sean Swezey, University of California Santa Cruz - Proposal - Final Report
10 $39,725 Increasing Availability of Biological Agents for Weed Control
Christiana Kuykendall, Nez Perce Biocontrol Center - Proposal
$28,625 Watershed Pledge IPM Project
Bruce Barbour, Washington Department of Ecology - Proposal
                    $498,500  total funding

1998 Funded Projects



Second Stage Pest Management for Control of the Blueberry Maggot Fly in Maine
Francis A. Drummond, University of Maine
$10,109* Pesticide Risk Reduction Through Dealer Training as a Strategy for Homeowner Pest Management Education
Joanne Cummings, Vermont Department of Agriculture
*(Region I will further fund this project with discretionary funds.)
2 $34,173 Development of a Fixed Spraying Structure for High-density Apple Plantings in the Northeast
Agnello, W.H. Reissig, & J. Kovach, New York State Agriculture Experiment Station - Final Report
3 $40,000 Evaluating Herbicide Rates for Irrigated Corn Production
Sujatha Sankula & Mark VanGessel, University of Delaware
4 $39,997 Development and Implementation of Mid-Season, Reduced-input Disease and Insect IPM Options for Southeastern Peaches
Harald Scherm, University of Georgia - Final Report
$38,472 Evaluation and Implementation of Biorational Insect Management Practices on Apples in North Carolina
James Walgenbach, University of North Carolina - Final Report
5 $40,000 Michigan Field Crop Pest Ecology and Management: a Multimedia Extension Training Manual and Educational Program
Dale Mutch, Michigan State University
6 $40,000 Blackland Prairie Demonstration Program: Use of Contour Grass Filter Strips to Reduce Non-point Source Atrazine Losses
Dennis Hoffman, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
7 $39,999 Opportunities in Organic Farming: Profits and Pesticide Use Reduction
Andrew Mcguire, University of Nebraska
$40,000 Reducing Pesticide Use and Accelerating IPM Implementation with Site-Specific Weather Data Simulation
Mark Gleason, Iowa State University
8 $36,020 Aeration as a Replacement for Residual Insecticide Used in Stored Wheat on Montana Farms
David Weaver, Montana State University
9 $20,000 Integrated Farming Program: Stage III Implementation
Clifford Ohmart, Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission
$40,000 Extending Biologically Integrated Farming Systems to Field and Row Crops
William Liebhardt, University of California on behalf of University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
10 $40,000 Reducing Pesticide Use Through Technical Assistance and Market Incentives
Miles Mcevoy, Washington State Department of Agriculture
                    $498,500  total funding

1997 Funded Projects



Sterilizing Nematode for Control of Western Flower Thrips in Greenhouse Crops
Roy Van Driesche, University of Massachusetts
2 $39,833 Stimulating Adoption and Use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices in Fruit - Defining and Assessing IPM Practices with Special Attention to Mating Disruption
Dean F. Polk, Rutgers Cooperative Extension - Final Report
$38,394 Non-Woven Obstructive Barriers for Control of Insect Pests
Hoffman/Baird, Cornell University - Final Report
3 $40,000 Remediation of Pesticide Rinsates, Spills and Application Equipment Wash Water Collected from Pesticide Mix and Load Area Containments
Douglas Hudson, West Virginia Department of Agriculture
4 $37,000* Environmental Stewardship Program for Agricultural Pesticide Operations in Tennessee
Ken Nafe, Tennessee Department of Agriculture - Final Report
* Region IV is partially funding this project for a total project cost of $40,000
$40,000 Contract Development for Integrated Pest Management in Schools and Government Buildings
Phillip Koehler, University of Florida - Final Report
5 $40,000 Reduction of Herbicides in Corn and Soybeans by Site-Specific Chemical Application Technologies
Gaines E. Miles, Purdue Research Foundation
6 $40,000 Pesticide Management in Day Care Facilities: A Movement to Low Risk Insecticides and Reduced Exposure for Children and Employees of Day Care Facilities
Jim Criswell, Oklahoma State University
7 $38,429 Reduction in Herbicide Use on Corn with Herbicide-Tolerant Hybrids
George S. Smith, University of Missouri
8 $40,000 Pest Management and Environmental and Economic Health of Diversified Dryland Cropping Systems
M. Brewer and S. Miller, University of Wyoming
9 $40,000 Establishing Native, Non-Crop Farmscape Vegetation for Erosion Control and Pesticide Use Reduction in Strawberries in California's Monterey Bay Area
Sean L. Swezey, University of California
10 $40,000 Increasing Biointensive IPM Adoption Through the Food Alliance Stewardship Program
Miles McEvoy, The Food Alliance / Washington State Department of Agriculture
$40,000 Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management in Irrigation Systems
Dennis Isaacson, Oregon Department of Agriculture
                    $504,491  total funding

1996 Funded Projects



Assessment of Integrated Pest Management Guidelines
Craig S. Hollingsworth, University of Massachusetts
3 $26,456 Development of Use/Risk Reduction Strategies for Imidacloprid in Colorado Potato Beetle Management
Galen Dively, University of Maryland
$29,600 Enhancing Environmental Stewardship of Nursery Growers, Landscape Managers and Homeowners Through the Adoption of Non-Chemical Approaches for Managing Pests
Michael Raupp, University of Maryland
4 $35,882 HERB - Peanut: An Interactive Computer Decision Aid for Post Emergence Weed Management in Peanuts - Final Report
David C. Bridges, University of Georgia
5 $38,051 Corn Rootworm in First-Year Corn: the Threat of Returning to the Insecticide Treadmill
Richard Edwards, Purdue University
$38,694 Enhancing Biological Control in Commercial Potato Production
Dean Zuleger, Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association
6 $42,228 Economic and Environmental Implications of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program for the Lower Rio Grande Valley Region of Texas
Ronald D. Lacewell, Texas A&M University
7 $29,625 Development of an Interactive CD-ROM for an Educational Program in Missouri's Pesticide Applicator Training for Private Applicators
Fred M Fishel, University of Missouri - Columbia
8 $39,926 Residential Pesticide Application Reducing Risk Through Training
Philip L. Bigelow, Colorado State University
9 $39,960 Development of a Farm-Wide System for Control of the Beet Armyworm in Sugar Beets Based on Disruption of Pre-mating Pheromone Communication Between Female and Male Moths
Ben Goodwin, California Beet Growers Association
$43,000 Hot Water Treatment To Reduce Pesticide Usage
Arnold H. Hara, University of Hawaii
10 $38,625 Effect of Regional Landscape Patterns on Agricultural Pests and Pesticide Usage
Mark A. Quinn, Washington State University
$25,675 Pesticide Stewardship Program for Cranberry Farming
Malcolm McPhail, Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation
                    $504,491  total funding


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