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Polluted Runoff (Nonpoint Source Pollution)
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Polluted Runoff for Kids


Education Resources

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  • WATER, Soil, and Hydro-Environmental Decision Support System (WATERSHEDSS)
    WATERSHEDSS is a watershed-level, web-based decision support system. Its two primary objectives are to:

      1. transfer water quality and land treatment information to watershed managers in order to assist them in making appropriate land management and land treatment decisions to achieve water quality goals.
      2. assess and evaluate sources, impacts, and potential management options for control of nonpoint source pollution in a watershed based on user-supplied information and decisions.

  • Showcase of Exceptional Education Products
    The state of Washington's Department of Ecology has developed a site that will help you find outstanding educational products related to nonpoint source water pollution. The products come from many different sources in a variety of formats -- publications, videos, classroom materials, etc. The site provides contact information as well as other useful background information so that you can obtain the products and adapt them to your needs. You can also nominate your own favorite educational products to be put on the site.

  • Center for Water and Watershed Studies
    The Center for Water and Watershed Studies is a source of comprehensive aquatic resources and water management information and enhance the earth's watersheds.

  • RiverSides Stewardship Alliance

  • Farm*A*Syst
    Farm*A*Syst is a partnership between government agencies and private business that enables you to prevent pollution on farms, ranches, and in homes using confidential environmental assessments.

  • Home*A*Syst
    In every home, there are potential risks to your family's health and the environment. Home*A*Syst helps you identify these risks and take action.

  • North American Association for Environmental Education

  • EE-Link: Environmental Education on the Internet
    EE-Link, Environmental Education on the Internet, is a resource designed to support students, teachers and professionals that support K-12 environmental education, such as media specialists, inservice providers, nature center staff and curriculum developers. The site contains Internet environmental based school projects, classroom activities (including many lesson plans), environmental facts and data from many sources, curriculum directory guides, organization and audio visual catalogs, software, conference and workshop announcements, higher education links, facts, grants, literature pointers, regional information, and pointers to other environmental sites.

  • The UNL Water Center/Environmental Programs


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