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United States Environmental Protection Agency
Radiation Information
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General Information
Frequent Questions
answers to questions about radiation protection and radiation issues with links to additional information
EPA documents ranging from very general to highly technical. Includes directions for obtaining copies
Related Links
additional sources of information about radiation protection and radiation issues
About EPA's Radiation Protection Program
the program's purpose, structure, and evolution; examples of how we protect you; and a look to radiation protection challenges of the future
Laws and Regulations
the laws and other legal documents that assign EPA responsibilty and authority for protecting public health and the environment from harmful exposure to radiation
Environmental Monitoring Data
Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System
ERAMS is a nationwide system of stations monitoring for radiation in air, drinking water, preciptation, and pasteurized milk. This link provides access to a simple query form for finding data from specific locations.
brief explanations of unfamiliar technical terms and common terms that have a specialized meanings under certain environmental regulations, as well as links to more detailed explanations
a decoding of the regulatory shorthand used to simplify the names of laws, government programs, and scientific terms
Radionuclide Fact Sheets
descriptions of the physical and radiological properties, health effects, and protective measures for commonly encountered radioactive materials



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