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United States Environmental Protection Agency
Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program
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.... user-friendly, intelligent software for TRI Reporting.
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TRI-ME RY2003 Software

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TRI 2003 Reporting Software CD

The downloadable version of the TRI RY2003 Reporting Software includes: TRI-ME and the TRI Assistance Library. It does not include the guidance documents in PDF format nor the Adobe Acrobat Reader used to read the PDF format.

SPECIAL: If you will be installing the TRI-ME software onto your desktop, please note that you will need to have IE5.5 or above installed on your system before you can use the TRI-ME software. If you do not have IE5.5 already installed you can download IE6.0 from the Microsoft website. Further information for installation of the TRI Reporting software can be found during the installation process.

RY2003 version of TRI-ME for reports due by July 1, 2004 for reporting year 2003 will be distributed along with the Reporting Forms and Instructions by April to all facilities that reported to TRI in the past two years. If you just can’t wait.....

Download & Installation Instructions

Please review the known issues section below on this page for software updates.

Read the directions below, then click -->

1. Save the file to your Desktop so you can find it later. If you are downloading via a modem (56K speed) it may take up to two hours.

Downloading will take from five to twenty minutes if you have a faster Internet connection.

2. Find the file, trisoftwareRY2003.exe, that you just saved on your desktop and double-click that file to begin the installation procedure. Then follow the instructions on the screen. If you can't find the file, click the "Start" button, choose "find" and then "files or folders". In the dialog box, type trisoftwareRY2003* in the"named" text area. Then choose the find now button to search for the file to run.

3. The setup program will open a window and walk you through the easy installation process.
If you have any problems installing or operating TRI RY2003 Reporting Software, please direct your questions to the TRI Software Support Hotline. Click here to view the contacts page for the hotline information.


Known Issues

Address Change for Submission of TRI Forms to New Hampshire

After completion of the TRI-ME software for reporting year 2003, the U.S. EPA received notification that the address for submitting TRI forms to the state of New Hampshire had changed. When using the TRI-ME software to prepare a diskette or paper submission to New Hampshire, the software automatically includes the following address for New Hampshire on the certification letter:

Ms. Wallene Foote
New Hampshire Office of Emergency Management Agency, Title III Program
State Office Park South
107 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
603 271-2231
fax 603 225-7341

The TRI-ME software allows the user to edit the mailing address in the certification letter. Click here for the correct address to use to address your submission(s).

Massachusetts Accepts Diskette Submissions

After completion of the TRI-ME software for reporting year 2003, the U.S. EPA received notification that the state of Massachusetts does accept and, in fact, prefers diskette submissions. If your facility is located in Massachusetts and you attempt to select “diskette” as your submission method, the software will provide a message that the state does not accept diskette submissions and will prompt you to submit paper instead. When you receive this message, select “no” and then you will be able to proceed and prepare your diskette for submission to Massachusetts.


TRI-ME Service Releases

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