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Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Portsmouth (Site Owner)
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CPARS Reference Material


bullet   Skip past reference materialDoD Guide to Collection and Use of Past Performance Information (May 2003)

bullet   Contractor Performance Assessments and Common DoD Assessment Rating System 24 Aug 1999

Air Force 

bullet  Skip past Links to Reference Material DocumentsAir Force CPARS Guide (Policy) 

bullet SAF/AQ 23 Aug 2001 memo Emphasizing the Importance of Contractor Performance Evaluations in Source Selections

bullet  SAF/AQ 28 March 2001 Direction Letter

bullet  SAF/AQC  28 March 2001 Letter to Contractors


bullet   DoN CPARS Guide (Policy)

bullet ASN RDA 10 Mar 2003 Memorandum with attachments, regarding Protests, Claims, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) as Factors in Past Performance and Source Selection Decisions.

bullet  ASN RDA 19 Jan 2001 Letter - Consistency of Assessments

bullet  ASN RDA 18 Oct 2000 - Use of CPARS in Past Performance

bullet  ASN RDA 20 Sep 2000 Direction Letter 


bullet   CPARS Procedures Manual

bullet   CPARS Management Board Charter

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