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125 Years of Science for America - 1879 to 2004
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    October 14, 2004

Index of News Leads, Feeds, and Story Seeds

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  1. October 2004
    Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods...just what kind of planet do we live on, anyway? October Science Picks look at living safely on a restless planet, celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with a water education site now available in Spanish, examine the science behind baseball bats in preparation for the World Series, and much more.
  2. September 2004
    Summer's almost over, and kids are heading back to school...but hurricane season is still in full swing. September Science Picks take a look at Charley's impact on Florida's environment, update you on a restless volcano, and offer some tips for getting answers to science homework, along with a host of other timely tips on earth and natural science research and investigations at USGS.
  3. August 2004
    Well, the lazy days of summer are coming to a close, but don't let the back-to-school blues get you down! This month's science picks take you back to the beach, tackle disasters with preparation; and fill you in on a few tidbits about some of our favorite animal friends.
  4. July 2004
    Declare your independence...from boring press releases and stale stories. Included this month:
    • Independence Found In Many Places
    • Freshwater Shrimp Found At Record Elevation (And Not Steamed By The Pound)
    • What Puts The "Bang" In Your Fourth Of July?
    • Walk A Mile, Or Two, In Their Moccasins
    • California Otters Can't Jump, But They're On The Rebound
  5. June 2004
    Ain't no cure for the summertime blues? Ha! It's right here! Included this month:
    • Keeping Airplanes Flying (Two Things We Watch Out For)
    • How To Keep The Big Apple Juicy
    • "Wave Bye-Bye To The (Gulf Coast) Beach, Kids!"
    • Seeking The Ghosts Of Earthquakes Past
  6. May 2004
    Spring has definitely sprung and summer is just around the corner - and along with summer comes trips to the beach! This month's Science Picks will look at the beginning of hurricane season along with a host of other timely earth and natural science research and investigations at USGS. Included this month:
    • Geology Is Chief Adversary At Battle Of Vicksburg
    • USGS Kicks Volcanic Ash
    • Lookin' At The Bottom Of The (San Francisco) Bay
    • Drilling In The Chesapeake Impact Crate
  7. March 2004
    We're 125 years old this month, and still going strong. And just to prove it, we're sending along top science story ideas to help ease the transition from winter to spring. Included this month:
    • Kissing the Blarney Stone
    • USGS Celebrates 125 Years of Science for America
    • Stop Using the Richter Scale!
    • How the Irish Named Civilization
  8. February 2004
    February may be the shortest month, but we're packed with story ideas in this month's Science Picks. Included this month:
    • Polar Bears Fight For Survival
    • USGS Geologists Help in Understanding Mars
    • Chesapeake Bay Recovery Process Slowed
    • Getting to the Heart of Geograph
  9. January 2004
    It's a new year and we're full of new ideas: great science stories to last the whole year through. Included in this month’s Science Picks:
    • 2003 Marked Deadly Year for Earthquakes
    • Salt, Pests and War Make For Bad Dates
    • Eden's Fall From Grace From Space
    • Counting America's Bald Eagles
    • Tracking California Hazards Online
    • Can't Know the Martians Without A Program


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