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Mission: promotes a positive and cooperative understanding of the importance of language access to federal programs and federally assisted programs. This website supports fair, reasoned and consistent implementation of Executive Order 13166, Title VI, and the Title VI regulations regarding language access. This site also acts as a clearinghouse, providing and linking to information, tools, and technical assistance regarding Limited English Proficiency and language services for federal agencies, recipients of federal funds, users of federal programs and federally assisted programs, and other stakeholders.  Español is created by the Federal Interagency Working Group on Limited English Proficiency. That Working Group was created at the request of the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. The Working Group includes members representing more than 35 federal agencies. This website is maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice.



Mission: To build awareness of the need and methods to ensure that limited English proficient persons have meaningful access to important federal and federally assisted programs, and to ensure implementation of language access requirements under Title VI, the Title VI regulations, and Executive Order 13166 in a consistent and effective manner across agencies.

Overall Strategies:

Create an active group representative of government employees striving to ensure that LEP persons have meaningful access to federally conducted and assisted programs. The group will consist of federal employees from the civil rights, program implementation, budgeting and procurement, and other fields so that the issues addressed and strategies utilized reflect the best thinking from all of these areas.

Bi-monthly working meetings highlighting particular areas of common concern/focus, as raised by subcommittees and the Steering Committee.

Subcommittees meeting monthly and working on priority areas selected by participants.

Share, create, and help to implement tools, promising practices, technical assistance, and ideas, including high quality, cost-effective means of providing language services.


The Steering Committee plans the direction of the Working Group, plans the bi-monthly meetings, and attends to other Working Group business.


Clearinghouse/Dissemination Subcommittee:

This subcommittee focuses on, for example:

Competent, Consistent, and Cost Effective Federal Language Services (The Three C's Subcommittee)

This subcommittee focuses on, for example:

Outreach, Training, and Uniform Standards Subcommittee Targeted to Recipients of Federal Financial Assistance and Beneficiaries:

This subcommittee focuses on, for example:

News from the Working Group

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