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Metabolic Engineering Working Group

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Project Inventory
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  3rd Announcement


Third Interagency Announcement of Opportunities in Metabolic Engineering

NSF 01-19

Principal Investigator Project Title Type of Award Award Amount Funding Sources
Vassily Hatzimanikatis (Northwestern University) Mathematical and Computational Analysis of Central Carbon Pathways for Efficient Metabolic Engineering 3 Year Standard $196,565
Jonathan Dordick (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) David Sherman (University of Minnesota) Combinatorial in vitro Manipulation of a Polyketide Synthase Pathway on a Microscale 3 Year Continuing $271,603

NSF Bioengineering

NSF Metabolic Biochemistry
3 Year Continuing $269,816

NSF Bioengineering

NSF Metabolic Biochemistry
Claudia Schmidt-Dannert (University of Minnesota) Biosynthesis of Unnatural Porphyrins in E. coli through Molecular Pathway Breeding 4 Year Continuing $688,984 NIH
Martin Yarmush (Mass General Hospital) Real Time Functional Genomics of Metabolism using Living Cell Arrays 3 Year Continuing $882,300 NIH
Francis Arnold (California Institute of Technology) Laboratory Evolution of Carotenoid Biosynthetic Pathways 3 Year Continuing $411,625 NSF Bioengineering
Russel Kerr (Florida Atlantic University) Development of a Chemoenzymatic Production Method and New Pharmacological Models for Marine Anti-Flammatory Agents 3 Year Standard $100,000


NSF Metabolic Biochemistry

NSF Chemistry

NSF Bioengineering
Ignacio Grossman (Carnegie Mellon University) Mohammad Ataai (University of Pittsburgh) Metabolic Engineering of Bacillus for Enhanced Product Yield 3 Year Standard $180,000 EPA
3 Year Continuing $308,965 NSF Bioengineering
Ka-yiu San (William Marsh Rice University) An Integrated Metabolic Engineering Study of Evolved Alcohol Acetyl Transferase Enzymes in Flavor Compound Formation in E. coli 3 Year Standard $300,000


NSF Bioengineering
Camilla Kao (Stanford University) DNA Microarray Analyses of High and Low Producing Strains of Engineered Natural Products 4 Year Continuing $642,055 NIH
Peter Karp (SRI International) Development of the MetaCyc Metabolic Data Base 2 Year Continuing $769,587 NIH
Craig Nessler (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University) Metabolic Engineering of Plant Vitamin C Biosynthesis for Improved Nutrition and Health 3 Year Standard $100,000



NSF Metabolic Biochemistry

NSF Integrative Plant Biology
Eleftherios Papoutsakis (Northwestern University) Transcriptional Program of ex vivo Expanded Human T Cells Using DNA Arrays 3 Year Standard $736,576 NIH
Anne Robinson (University of Delaware) Novel Sensing and Quantitative Analysis of the Regulatory Mechanisms in the Unfolded Protein Response for Optimal Heterologous Protein Expression 3 Year Standard $620,382 NIH
13 Project Awards

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