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Welcome to the Supplier Directory section of Medicare.gov. This section provides names, addresses, and contact information for suppliers that provide services or products under the Medicare program.

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What is a Supplier?

A supplier is an individual or entity that has agreed to provide health care equipment, items, or services under Medicare. A supplier may provide items such as: Durable Medical Equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen), Prosthetics (artificial limb replacements or dentures) or Orthotics (mechanical devices used to assist in mobility or supplement the joints and limbs). In addition, a type of supplier can also be Pharmacy/Drug Stores and Optometry/Opticians.

This Supplier Directory lists Medicare enrolled pharmacies and suppliers. If you go to a pharmacy or supplier that is not enrolled, Medicare will not pay. You will be responsible for the entire bill for any drugs or supplies. Important Information about Participating and Non-Participating Suppliers.

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