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    CRA Database Search

    This query function will search the complete list of public CRA performance evaluations. Using this search will allow you to identify, by state and summary rating, evaluations that have been made public as of the most recent release date. If you request all banks with a single performance rating (either by state or for all states) you may not receive the most recent rating for a bank.

    Under the revised final Community Reinvestment regulation that became effective July 1, 1995, as under the earlier regulation, banks are to be assigned one of the four statutory ratings:

    • outstanding,
    • satisfactory,
    • need to improve, or
    • substantial noncompliance.
    Documents you identify in this search are available through OCC's public information function. You may request them by electronic mail to FOIA-PA@occ.treas.gov.

    In addition, this site offers a list of evaluations available for download/viewing. Beginning in October 1996, documents are in Adobe's portable document format (PDF); evaluations released earlier are in WordPerfect for Windows format (WPW). The Acrobat viewer is available for download free from the Adobe site in versions for different platforms.

    Use the list boxes below to select the criteria for your search. When you are finished, select the "Send Query" button below to submit your query.

    Bank Information:

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    Clicking this button will send your query to our database. Query results will be returned if records are found that meet your search criteria.

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