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  First Time Users
Please browse this page to understand all of the options available to you when you search our catalog of government science and technology web sites.
Of special interest is how you can limit your search by subject as well as by resource type. These features are discussed below.
When you search for information on this site, you are searching a catalog of web sites carefully selected to lead you to key sites in your area of interest.

  Subject Topic Lists
All catalog entries are tagged with one or more predefined subject topics. On our search pages, you can use a pull down list to limit your search to one of these subject topics. By doing this, your search will be more successful.

  Selected resource list [more information]
Some web sites have been tagged specifically to make it easy to quickly focus in upon specific features such as maps, photographs, federal laboratories and facilities, computer software, online databases, etc. You can select these resources from a pull down list or key them directly as a keyword.

  Agency and organization list  top of page
You can limit your search to sites from specific government agencies and organizations by selecting the appropriate group from the pull down list. Some web resources that are funded by multiple agencies may not be searchable using this list. Although suborganizations usually are not included on this list, they can be searched using keywords.

  Searching Individual Words  top of page
If you enter the words, air pollution, on the same line, you will find all records where either of these words appear anywhere within the record. The search engine is looking for a record that contains either air or pollution. In order to find records with both words, you must put an AND between the two words, e.g., air AND pollution, or enter the terms on separate lines and select the AND delimiter.

  Searching Keyword Phrases  top of page
If you enter the words, "air pollution", surrounded by quotation marks, you will find all records where these two words appear together. By putting quotation marks around words or a number series, you also can search for a unique phrase. For example, to search for "high energy lasers", search for "high energy" AND laser*. Without the quotation marks you cannot search for words separated with spaces, hyphens, commas, or any other punctuation marks.

  Limiting your search  top of page
Boolean expressions are words like OR, AND, and ADJ used to create relationships among the keywords in your search query. Below is a list of expressions with their corresponding symbol (you may use either) and function.

  • air pollution finds records with EITHER air OR pollution.
  • air AND pollution finds records with BOTH air AND pollution.
  • air ADJ pollution finds records with air followed by pollution.
  • "air pollution" finds records with air pollution as a phrase

  Searching for part of a word, Truncation  top of page
If you want to truncate a word, use the "*", e.g., environm*. This will find records containing, environment, environmental, environments, etc.





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