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    Wholesale and Limited Purpose Banks
    under the Community Reinvestment Act

    Updated June 30, 2004

    Under the Community Reinvestment Act, a bank may apply to its primary federal regulator to be designated a wholesale or a limited purpose bank. Such banks are evaluated for performance under standards found at 12 CFR 25.25. The regulation offers the following definitions:

    Limited purpose bank means a bank that offers only a narrow product line (such as credit card or motor vehicle loans) to a regional or broader market and for which a designation as a limited purpose bank is in effect.  Limited purpose banks are identified as LP in the TYPE column in the table below.

    Wholesale bank means a bank that is not in the business of extending home mortgage, small business, small farm, or consumer loans to retail customers, and for which a designation as a wholesale bank is in effect.   Wholesale banks are identified as WH in the TYPE column in the table below.

    The following national banks have been designated as wholesale or limited purpose banks by the OCC:

    LP or WH Bank Name State City Ch No. Decision Date
    LP Dillard National Bank AZ Gilbert 18777 2/13/1996
    LP Direct Merchants Credit Card Bank, N.A. AZ Scottsdale 22734 3/19/1996
    LP Bank of America, N.A. (USA) AZ Phoenix 22106 3/9/1998
    WH Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank, N.A. CA San Francisco 22897 1/8/1996
    WH Northern Trust Bank of CA, N.A. CA Los Angeles 17751 1/15/1997
    WH J. P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A. CA Los Angeles 23470 2/19/1998
    WH California First National Bank (f/k/a Hutton National Bank) CA Santa Ana 23925 4/13/2000
    WH Superior Savings of New England, N.A. CT Branford


    WH U.S. Trust Company, N.A CT Greenwich 22413 6/6/1996
    LP MBNA America Bank, N.A. DE Wilmington 22381 1/5/1996
    LP Bank One, Delaware, N.A., (f/k/a First USA Bank, N.A., f/k/a FCC National Bank) DE Wilmington 17762 8/7/1997
    LP TCM Bank, N.A. FL Tampa 23363 9/11/1997
    WH Pacific National Bank FL Miami 20010 1/16/1996
    WH Deutsche Bank Florida, N.A. f/k/a Bankers Trust Florida, N.A. FL Palm Beach 17112 4/16/1996
    WH Pinebank, N.A. FL Miami 23181 12/12/1996
    LP Infibank, N.A. GA Atlanta 24308 11/15/2001
    LP First North American National Bank GA Kennesaw 22196 2/8/1996
    LP Cedar Hill National Bank GA Lawrenceville 23323 9/11/1997
    LP Belk National Bank GA Lawrenceville 23726 9/11/1998
    WH Corus Bank, N.A. IL Chicago 23005 8/9/2002
    WH Mellon Trust of New England, N.A. MA Boston 24412 3/10/2003
    LP Pier 1 National Bank (f/k/a Texaco Credit Card Bank, N.A.) NE Omaha 22568 3/25/1996
    LP Commerce Bank, N.A. NE Omaha 20500 10/9/1996
    LP UMB U.S.A., N.A. NE Falls City 22974 5/27/1997
    LP Providian National Bank (f/k/a First Deposit National Bank) NH Tilton


    LP Harris Bank (NH), N.A. (f/k/a BankBoston (NH), N.A.) NH Nashua 23239 7/9/1997
    LP DSRM National Bank NM Albuquerque 23097 6/28/1996
    LP Household Bank (SB), N.A. NV Las Vegas 22675 2/12/1996
    LP First National Bank of Marin NV Las Vegas 20291 6/28/1996
    LP Citibank (Nevada), N.A. NV Las Vegas 20484 8/2/2002
    LP Wells Fargo Financial National Bank (f/k/a Dial National Bank) NV Las Vegas 21099 7/9/1997
    LP M&T Bank, N.A. NY Oakfield 22859 3/12/1996
    WH Delta National Bank and Trust Company of New York NY New York 20547 5/16/1996
    WH Arab Bank, PLC (Federal Branch) NY New York 80056 5/21/1996
    WH Bank of China (Federal Branch) NY New York 80028 10/18/1996
    WH Bank of China (Federal Branch) NY New York 80091 10/18/1996
    WH Safra National Bank of New York NY New York 20948 5/21/1997
    WH Sterling National Bank NY New York 13295 2/22/2001
    WH Excel Bank, N.A. NY New York 16629 6/1/2001
    LP May National Bank of Ohio OH Lorain 21922 1/23/1996
    LP Credit First N.A. OH Brook Park 22594 1/31/1996
    LP World Financial Network National Bank OH Gahanna 21739 3/19/1996
    LP Spirit of America National Bank OH Milford 22183 8/15/1996
    LP First Consumers National Bank OR Lake Oswego 21688 5/21/1998
    WH Mellon Bank, N.A. PA Pittsburgh


    LP Fleet Bank (RI), N.A. RI Providence 23536 10/14/1997
    LP Talbots Classics National Bank RI Lincoln 24015 3/31/2000
    LP Citibank USA, N.A. SD Sioux Falls 24281 9/21/2001
    LP Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. SD Sioux Falls 16971 1/24/1996
    LP Retailers National Bank SD Sioux Falls 22549 1/26/1996
    LP Axsys National Bank (f/k/a Fingerhut National Bank) SD Sioux Falls 23083 7/18/1996
    LP CrediCard National Bank TX Olmos Park 23401 7/30/1997
    LP American Investment Bank, N.A. UT Salt Lake City 18174 1/23/1996
    LP Chevron Credit Bank, N.A. UT Murray 23139 6/28/1996
    WH Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, N.A. UT Ogden 2597 12/8/2003
    LP First Citizens Bank, N.A. VA Roanoke



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