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Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering

Organizational Chart listing Office of the Assist. Director and the Divisions of CCF, CNS, IIS, and SCI.

Photo of Dr. Freeman

A message from the Assistant Director

The Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) is continuously searching for strong Program Director candidates. Many of our Program Director positions may be filled either on a permanent basis or through rotating scientist appointments .

CISE Program Directors bear the primary responsibility for ensuring that NSF supports leading edge, high quality research and education projects that advance the computing field. To discharge this responsibility requires not only knowledge in the appropriate disciplines, but also a commitment to high standards, a considerable breadth of interest and receptivity to new ideas, a strong sense of fairness, good judgment, and a high degree of personal integrity.

The job of Program Director is the focus of all of NSF's activities, and is a job that can be highly rewarding. It permits you to make a demonstrable difference in your research community while at the same time expanding and deepening your understanding of your field. It is also a position in which you may participate in government-wide activities that have importance far beyond what you may experience elsewhere. Like a university, NSF is a friendly and rich community so that working here not only has the above-mentioned intellectual opportunities but also affords many personal rewards as well. Applicants from groups traditionally underrepresented in the computing field are strongly encouraged to apply.

CISE is currently seeking to fill the Program Director vacancies identified below.


CISE is also focused on NSF's strategic goal of organizational excellence. The Directorate's contributions to organizational excellence rely upon a diverse, flexible, operational workforce that collectively possess the competencies required for the strategic planning, management and oversight of all scientific, business and administrative functions within CISE. CISE places a high value on teamwork and expects all staff members to contribute to the collaborative work environment, communicate effectively with others, and bring their individual skills to bear for the good of the Directorate.

CISE administrative staff are responsible for the business and operational functions that support NSF's scientific mission, the goals of the Directorate and the objectives of each of the CISE Divisions.

CISE is currently seeking to fill the administrative vacancies identified below.

No positions are open at this time


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