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    Useful Forms and Software

    The OCC offers access to certain of its forms in Adobe's .pdf format. The Acrobat viewer is available for download free from Adobe in versions for different platforms. Forms available are:

    Blue BulletAnnual Report of Trust Assets (Form FFIEC 001) -- Replaced effective 12/31/2001 by Schedule RC-T of the Call Report.

    Blue BulletAnnual Report of International Fiduciary Activities (Form FFIEC 006) -- Replaced effective 12/31/2001 by Schedule RC-T of the Call Report.

    Blue Bullet Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form.

    Blue BulletInteragency Notice of Change in Control with instructions for filing notice to acquire shares of depository institutions.

    Blue BulletNotice of Change in Director or Senior Executive Officer

    Blue BulletInteragency Biographical and Financial Report with instructions for filing individual information in conjunction with corporate applications.

    Blue BulletInteragency Bank Merger Act Application with instructions for filing an application to combine with another depository institution.

    Blue BulletRegistered Transfer Agents Form TA-1 (Word or PDF or Excel) with instructions and forms for registering and updating amendments.

    Blue BulletRequest for Deregistration, Registered Transfer Agents Form TA-W (Word or PDF or Excel)

    In addition, OCC makes software useful to bankers available for download from this site. Most software is in compressed format, which is explained in the associated instructions. Software available from this site is:

    Blue BulletSoftware for electronic suspicious activity reporting

    Blue BulletOCC Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Program for Windows
    (APRWIN v. 5.0, 1998)

    Blue BulletOCC Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Program
    (APY v. 1.02, 1994)

    Blue BulletRisk-based Capital Model for Bankers
    (RBC v. 1.06, June 2004)

    This page may contain PDF documents
    Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0

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