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    The FOIA identifies three categories of FOIA requesters:

    • Commercial Use Requesters - seek information for a use or purpose that furthers commercial, trade, or profit interests. These requesters are assessed charges which recover the full direct costs of searching, reviewing, and duplicating the records sought.

    • Educational, Non-commercial Scientific Institution Requesters and Representatives of the News Media - are not seeking records for commercial use, or represent the news media actively gathering information for an entity that is organized and operated to publish or broadcast news to the public. These requesters are billed for duplication costs. The first 100 pages are free.

    • Others - are those who do not fit into one of the above categories. These requesters are charged fees to recover the full direct cost of searching for and duplicating records. The first 100 pages and the first two hours of search time are free.

    The OCC publishes its FOIA fees as part of its normal Notice of Fees Issuance published and distributed annually. The current charges are $35 per hour and $.20 per page.

    Please note that the FOIA charges also apply to requests handled by staff in the OCC's Public Information Room.
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