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Depleted Uranium
Army Training Policies / Procedures Concerning DU
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Army DU Training
Policies and Procedures

The Army's policy is that all soldiers will receive DU awareness training (Tier I) with additional specialized training provided to those with occupation specialties that involve battle damage assessment and repair and maintenance of tracked and wheeled vehicles (Tier II) and to officer and enlisted Chemical soldiers (Tier III). The DU training program, fielded in July 1999, focuses on force health protection and operational effectiveness and includes a new common task, "Respond to Depleted Uranium", in the Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks (SMCT).

Each of the three tiers of the Army's DU training program is supported by a training support package. For more information see Depleted Uranium Training.

Other Service DU Training.

The Marine Corps also uses a three-level DU training program. Both the Marines and Navy use a service-specific variant of the Army's DU Awareness Training video. The Air Force program calls for all personnel on mobility status to receive DU awareness training and has incorporated DU awareness guidance in the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical handbook carried by all deploying personnel.