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    National Banks Evaluated On the Basis of a Strategic Plan
    Under the Community Reinvestment Act

    Under the Community Reinvestment Act, a bank may apply to its primary federal regulator to be evaluated under a strategic plan. The strategic plan option provides a bank with the opportunity to tailor its CRA objectives to the needs of the community and to its own capacities, business strategies and expertise. Therefore, not all of the factors described in the regulation would necessarily apply to each strategic plan. The required contents of a strategic plan and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's (OCC) criteria for evaluating a strategic plan are specified in the OCC's CRA regulation, 12 CFR 25.27 .

    National Banks Operating Under Approved CRA Strategic Plans

    Bank Name Location No. Decision Date
    Northern Trust Bank, N.A. (f/k/a Northern Trust Bank of Arizona, N.A.) Phoenix, AZ 17949 Approved 4/20/98, 1/9/01, and 3/11/04
    First National Bank of Kansas Overland Park, KS 22644 Approved 1/10/97, 8/10/99 and 12/17/01
    Bank Midwest, N.A. Kansas City, MO 22015 Approved 3/6/97 and 12/10/01
    Waterhouse National Bank Jersey City, NJ 22611 Approved 2/4/98, 11/22/00, and 2/10/04
    MetLife Bank, N.A Monmouth Junction, NJ 23743 Approved 12/18/02; Amended 1/1/04
    Household Bank (Nevada), N.A.* Las Vegas, NV 18818 Approved 4/28/97 and 5/9/02
    Household Bank (SB), N.A.* Las Vegas, NV 22675 Approved 4/28/97 and 5/9/02

    * Also approved as limited purpose.
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