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    Careers in the Economics Department

    The Economics Department offers challenging careers including opportunities for Economists and Research Analysts.

    Why Become an Economist for the OCC?

    The OCC offers unique opportunities for both entry-level and experienced Economists. Economists at the OCC work on a broad range of economic issues affecting national banks. They are given the opportunity to be at the forefront of new issues in financial services and to explore economic issues facing the various financial institution regulators. Economists have high visibility with senior OCC management and banking officials. Economists also produce working papers on a variety of topics important to the mission of the OCC, including mutual fund activities, deposit insurance, derivatives markets, interstate banking, and bank risk taking and returns.

    As part of the Economics Department, Economists at the OCC are responsible for:

    • Conducting policy analysis on many issues facing the OCC;

    • Monitoring the financial health of the banking system to identify sources of risk;

    • Analyzing the determinants to bank competitiveness and risk taking;

    • Evaluating the effects on OCC operations of changes in the regulatory environment;

    • Providing technical support to examiners in the assessment of banks' risk measurement methods and the use of statistical tools to assess fair lending compliance; and

    • Drafting congressional testimony for the Comptroller.

    What Types of Economist Positions are Available?

    Multiple positions are usually available in several areas in the Economics Department. The OCC is looking for a range of experience levels for these positions from entry level to experienced Economists. Opportunities may be available in the Economic Analysis Division, Policy Analysis Division, and Risk Analysis Division.

    To learn more about available positions and qualification requirements, check the Current Job Openings web page. Click on Headquarters to view available Economist positions.

    Fellowship Opportunities

    In addition to the job opportunities described above, the Economics Department also offers fellowship opportunities to qualified individuals. Fellows are given the opportunity to work on important OCC initiatives. They are exposed to a complex and wide variety of on-the-job experiences and training. Specific assignments will be identified by OCC officials and will depend on the current needs of the OCC and the individual's interest and personal qualifications.

    Fellows positions are located in Washington, D.C., and fellowship appointments may be up to four years in duration. Some fellows will be required to sever all ties with their current employers before accepting an appointment. Candidates for these types of fellowship positions will be notified by the OCC.

    If you are interested, check the Current Job Openings web page for available fellowship opportunities. Click on Headquarters and look for Economics Fellowship Program announcements. Go to Top of Page

    Research Analyst Positions in the Economics Department

    Research analysts provide valuable research assistance and analytical support to the Economics Department and the OCC. They are responsible for:

    • Providing analytical, research, and technical support to senior staff, including information retrieval, data analysis, creating or modifying databases, and the production of various financial tables and graphs;

    • Assisting Economists and Financial Analysts by performing background research on a variety of topics;

    • Keeping abreast of developments in the financial marketplace that affect bank performance and condition;

    • Establishing, organizing, and maintaining files for the retrieval of frequently requested financial data and information; and

    • Providing analytical support for the quarterly condition of the banking industry.

    What types of Research Analyst Positions are Available?

    Multiple positions are usually available in the Economics Analysis Division, Policy Analysis Division, and the Risk Analysis Division.

    To learn more about available positions and qualification requirements, check the Current Job Openings web page. Click on Headquarters to view available Research Analyst positions.

    Research Analyst Opportunities in the Risk Analysis Division

    The Financial Access and Compliance Unit of the Risk Analysis Division provides expert technical analysis and advice to assist bank examiners in evaluating national bank compliance with U.S. fair lending laws. Ideal candidates should have a bachelor's degree in Economics or a related field, demonstrated experience with statistical software packages, excellent interpersonal skills, and a willingness to travel within the U.S.

    The Risk Assessment Unit of the Risk Analysis Division provides expertise on banks' internal risk-measurement systems to bank examiners and OCC policymakers. The risk-measurement systems include models for derivatives, mortgages, portfolio credit and interest-rate risk, and credit scoring. Research analysts provide data and technological support for the unit's investigations into the frontier of these risk-measurement technologies. Go to Top of Page

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