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    Weekly Bulletin

    The Weekly Bulletin is a record of the actions taken by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency upon all applications involving national banks, nationwide, for new banks, branches, mergers, conversions, changes in bank control, fiduciary powers, domestic subsidiaries, relocations of head offices and branches, and information on notices such as changes in corporate titles and branch closings.

    Most applications appear in the bulletin at least two times, once when they are received and once when they are acted upon. Some application types appear a third time, when the transaction is consummated or the location opened. Typically notices appear when the transactions are effective, although branch closings usually appear when the OCC receives notices of the proposed closings.

    Each bulletin is a record for the seven-day period ending on the report date. The record includes receipts, actions, and consummations/openings processed during the week. Because notices are often received after the consummation or opening dates, some of the activity in the bulletin may have happened in a prior seven-day period. Additionally, infrequently filings are amended or corrected, so the record may also include corrections to applications or notices that appeared incorrectly in a previous bulletin.

    Weekly Bulletin Format

    The Weekly Bulletin is broken down by type of application. Within type, the applications are sorted by state. When an application or action is not entered in time for the bulletin for the week in which it occurred it will appear as soon as entered in the Addendum section, which follows the regular portion of the report. Similarly, if a Weekly Bulletin entry is later identified as incorrect, the correct listing will be published in the bulletin for the week in which the error was identified in the Correction section, which follows the Addendum, if any.

    The Control Number

    The element labeled control # is a unique 12-character identifier for each case and provides summary information about the case. Control number 1997SE010001, for example, indicates the year the case was filed (1997), the district officein which it was filed (SE), the application type (01), and that it was the first type 01 application filed for the year (0001).

    When requesting information or discussing an application with the OCC, it is helpful to use the control number.

    Incomplete Information

    Certain information in the bulletin may not be complete because it is not yet available to the office. In such cases, standard filler data will appear. For example, when zip codes are not known at the time an application is filed, 99999 may be used. Branch names are another example, if a name is not given "Unknown" or "not given" will appear. The information will be updated when the effective, open, or consummation date is published in the bulletin.

    Availability of Weekly Bulletin

    The Weekly Bulletin is available:

    • for download as an ASCII text file.
    • to search for specific states or application types.

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