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Downward Spiral: HIV/AIDS, State Capacity, and Political Conflict in Zimbabwe (7/04) 30 pp.
Terrorism in the Horn of Africa (1/04) 16 pp.
Zimbabwe and the Prospects for Nonviolent Political Change (8/03) 16 pp.
Zimbabwe and the Politics of Torture (8/02) 6 pp.
Smart Partnerships for African Development (5/02) 12 pp.
Responding to War and State Collapse in West Africa (1/02) 8 pp.
AIDS and Violent Conflict in Africa (10/01) 12 pp.
U.S. Leadership in Resolving African Conflict: Ethiopia-Eritrea (9/01) 8 pp.
Peacekeeping in Africa (2/01) 12 pp.
Angola's Deadly War: Dealing with Savimbi's Hell on Earth (10/99) 11 pp.
Postgenocidal Reconciliation: Building Peace in Rwanda and Burundi (9/99) 15 pp.
Reconstructing Peace in the Congo (8/99) 16 pp.
Building for Peace in the Horn of Africa: Diplomacy and Beyond (6/99) 12 pp.
New Approach to Peace in Sudan (2/99) 8 pp.
Removing Barricades in Somalia: Options for Peace and Rehabilitation (10/98) 44 pp.
Preventing Genocide in Burundi (7/98) 44 pp.


U.S.-China Cooperation on the Problem of Failing States and Transnational Threats (9/04) 16 pp.
The Political Economy of the Kashmir Conflict: Opportunities for Economic Peacebuilding and for U.S. Policy (6/04)
A Comprehensive Resolution of the Korean War (5/03) 12 pp.
Democratic Values, Political Structures, and Alternative Politics in Greater China (7/02) 56 pp.
Overcoming Humanitarian Dilemmas in the DPRK (North Korea) (7/02) 16 pp.
From Revolutionary Internationalism to Conservative Nationalism: Chinese Military's Discourse on National Security and Identity (5/01) 56 pp.
Politics of Famine in North Korea (8/99) 16 pp.
Mistrust and the Korean Peninsula: Dangers of Miscalculation (11/98) 10 pp.
"Trialogue": U.S.-Japan-China Relations and Asian-Pacific Security (9/98) 9 pp.
Muddling Toward Democracy: Political Change in Grassroots China (8/98) 70 pp.
Challenges of Building a Korean Peace Process (6/98) 16 pp.
China Challenge in the Twenty-First Century (6/98) 44 pp.
Beyond the Asian Financial Crisis (4/98) 20 pp.

Europe, Balkans, and Russia

Macedonia: Understanding History, Preventing Future Conflict (2/04)
International Judges and Prosecutors in Kosovo: A New Model for Post-Conflict Peacekeeping (10/03) 15 pp.
Kosovo Decision Time: How and When? (2/03) 6 pp.
Lawless Rule Versus Rule of Law in the Balkans (12/02) 16 pp.
Putting Peace into Practice: Can Macedonia's New Government Meet the Challenge? (11/02) 16 pp.
Simulating Kosovo: Lessons for Final Status Negotiations (11/02) 12 pp.
Kosovo Final Status (7/02) 20 pp.
Serbia Still at the Crossroads (3/02) 12 pp.
Taking Stock and Looking Forward: Intervention in the Balkans and Beyond (2/02) 6 pp.
Albanians in the Balkans (11/01) 8 pp.
Whither the Bulldozer? Nonviolent Revolution and the Transition to Democracy in Serbia (8/01) 12 pp.
Serbia and Montenegro: Reintegration, Divorce, or Something Else? (4/01) 8 pp.
Future of Macedonia: Balkan Survivor Now Needs Reform (3/01) 8 pp.
Europe in the 21st Century: A Strategy for Achieving Stable Peace (11/00) 12 pp.
Bosnia's Next Five Years: Dayton and Beyond (11/00) 12 pp.
Defining the Path to a Peaceful, Undivided, and Democratic Europe (6/00) 4 pp.
Transatlantic Relations in the Aftermath of Kosovo (5/00) 8 pp.
Grappling with Peace Education in Serbia (4/00) 48 pp.
Macedonia: Prevention Can Work (3/00) 8 pp.
Three Dimensions of Peacebuilding in Bosnia (12/99) 60 pp.
De-Balkanizing the Balkans: Security and Stability in Southeastern Europe (9/99) 20 pp.

Latin America

Civil Society under Siege in Colombia (2/04) 16 pp.
El Salvador: Implementation of the Peace Accords (1/01) 64 pp.
Territorial Disputes and Their Resolution: The Case of Ecuador and Peru (4/99) 52 pp.
State and Soldier in Latin America (10/96) 61 pp.

Middle East/Central Asia

Donor Activities and Civil Society Potential in Iraq (7/04)
Building the Iraqi Special Tribunal: Lessons from Experiences in International Criminal Justice (6/04)
Postconflict Iraq: A Race for Stability, Reconstruction, and Legitimacy (5/04)
Establishing the Rule of Law in Afghanistan (3/04)
Global Terrorism after the Iraq War (10/03) 11 pp.
Islamist Politics in Iraq after Saddam Hussein (8/03) 16 pp.
Healing the Holy Land: Interreligious Peacebuilding in Israel/Palestine, (8/03) 54 pp.
The Road Ahead: Lessons in Nation Building from Japan, Germany, and Afghanistan for Postwar Iraq (4/03) 44 pp.
Unfinished Business in Afghanistan (4/03) 12 pp.
Establishing the Rule of Law in Iraq (4/03) 16 pp.
After Saddam Hussein: Winning a Peace If It Comes to War (2/03) 16 pp.
Would an Invasion of Iraq Be a "Just War"? (1/03) 16 pp.
The Palestinian Reform Agenda (12/02) 56 pp.
The Israeli Military and Israel's Palestinian Policy (11/02) 68 pp.
Challenge of Regional Cooperation in Central Asia: Preventing Ethnic Conflict in the Ferghana Valley (6/99) 60 pp.
Thinking Out Loud: Policies toward Iraq (2/99) 12 pp.
Between Impediment and Advantage: Saddam's Iraq (6/98) 18 pp.
Future of Afghanistan (3/97) 15 pp.
War in Tajikistan Three Years On (11/95) 16 pp.
Central Asians Take Stock: Reform, Corruption, and Identity (2/95) 34 pp.
Turkey's Role in the Middle East (1/95) 37 pp.
Making Peace among Arabs and Israelis (10/91) 70 pp.

Peacemaking and Peacekeeping

Ijtihad: Reinterpreting Islamic Principles for the Twenty-first Century (8/04)
What Works? Evaluating Interfaith Dialogue Programs (7/04)
Cyberterrorism: How Real Is the Threat? (5/04)
Building Civilian Capacity for U.S. Stability Operations: The Rule of Law Component (4/04)
www.terror.net: How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet (3/04)
Biosecurity: Limiting Terrorist Access to Deadly Pathogens (11/03) 52 pp.
Use and Abuse of Media in Vulnerable Societies (10/03) 15 pp.
Can Faith-Based NGOs Advance Interfaith Reconciliation? (3/03) 12 pp.
Lethal Ethnic Riots: Lessons from India and Beyond (2/03) 12 pp.
Building Interreligious Trust in a Climate of Fear (2/03) 12 pp.
U.S. Negotiating Behavior (10/02) 12 pp.
Chaplain's Evolving Role in Peace and Humanitarian Relief Operations (9/02) 44 p.
Islam and Democracy (9/02) 12 pp.
Ethics of Armed Humanitarian Intervention (7/02) 48 pp.
Islamic Extremists: How Do they Mobilize Support? (7/02) 8 pp
Strategic Nonviolent Conflict (5/02) 12 pp.
Training for Peace and Humanitarian Operations: Advancing Best Practices (4/02) 48 pp.
Enhancing International Civilian Police in Peace Operations (4/02) 12 pp.
Islamic Perspectives on Peace and Violence (1/02) 8 pp.
Diplomacy of Counterterrorism (1/02) 8 pp.
Training to Help Traumatized Populations (12/01) 8 pp.
Faith-Based NGOs and International Peacebuilding (10/01) 8 pp.
Controlling Weapons of Mass Destruction (10/01) 72 pp.
American Civilian Police in UN Peace Operations (7/01) 12 pp.
Passing the Baton: Challenges of Statecraft for the New Administration (5/01) 68 pp.
Catholic Contributions to International Peace (4/01) 12 pp.
The News Media and Peace Processes: The Middle East and Northern Ireland (1/01) 56 pp.
Conflict Management Training: Advancing Best Practices (1/01) 42 pp.
Coercive Prevention: Normative, Political, and Policy Dilemmas (10/00) 48 pp.
Women in War and Peace: Grassroots Peacebuilding (8/00) 32 pp.
Training U.S. Army Officers for Peace Operations: Lessons from Bosnia (10/99) 11 pp.
New Approaches to International Negotiation and Mediation (8/99) 56 pp.
Training to Promote Conflict Management (7/99) 64 pp.
How Terrorism Ends (5/99) 11 pp.
Private Peacemaking: Peacemaking Projects of Nonprofit Organizations (5/98) 58 pp.

Rule of Law/Human Rights

Building the Iraqi Special Tribunal: Lessons from Experiences in International Criminal Justice (6/04)
Establishing the Rule of Law in Afghanistan (3/04)
International Judges and Prosecutors in Kosovo: A New Model for Post-Conflict Peacekeeping (10/03) 15 pp.
Establishing the Rule of Law in Iraq (4/03) 16 pp.
Lawless Rule Versus Rule of Law in the Balkans (12/02) 16 pp.
Democratic Constitution Making (7/03) 12 pp.
Advancing Human Rights and Peace in a Complex World (4/02) 12 pp.
The Role of International Financial Institutions in International Humanitarian Law (1/02) 44 pp.
Options for Prosecuting International Terrorists (11/01) 16 pp.
U.S. Human Rights Policy toward Africa (8/01) 12 pp.
U.S. Human Rights Policy toward Latin America (1/01) 8 pp.
Role of the Ambassador in Promoting U.S. Human Rights Policy Abroad (9/00) 8 pp.
U.S. Human Rights Policy: A 20-Year Assessment (6/99) 19 pp.
Genocide Convention at Fifty (1/99) 8 pp.

Virtual Diplomacy

Net Diplomacy III: 2015 and Beyond (8/02) 39 pp.
Net Diplomacy II: Beyond Old Borders (8/02) 38 pp.
Net Diplomacy I: Beyond Foreign Ministries (8/02) 33 pp.
Information Technology and Peace Support Operations (6/02) 25 pp.
Space Aid: Uses of Satellite Imagery in UN Humanitarian Organizations (3/02) 24 pp.
Good Practices: Information Sharing in Complex Emergencies (1/02) 12 pp.
Taking It to the Next Level: Civilian–Military Cooperation in Complex Emergencies (9/00) 28 pp.
Reinventing Diplomacy: A Virtual Necessity (2/00) 15 pp.
States, Sovereignty, and Diplomacy in the Information Age (2/00) 16 pp.

Research/Teaching Resources

Teaching Guide on the Justification of War (Essay Contest, 2002) 35 pp.
Debating the U.S. Military's Role in International Peacekeeping (Essay Contest Teaching Guide, 2001) 45 pp.
Contributions to the Study of Peacemaking, Vol. 7: Summary of Projects Completed by Grantees and Fellows, 1996–2001 80 pp.
Contributions to the Study of Peacemaking, Vol. 6: Summary of Projects Completed by Grantees and Fellows, 1997–99 80 pp.
Contributions to the Study of Peacemaking, Vol. 5: Summary of Completed Grant Projects, 1995–98 66 pp.
Advances in Understanding International Peacemaking, Vol. 2: Lessons Learned from Institute Projects, 1996–2000 76 pp.
Advances in Understanding International Peacemaking, Vol 1: Lessons Learned from Completed Grant Projects, 1987–97 63 pp.

*Note: The information gathered here will not be shared or sold to other individuals or organizations.


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