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NSF Mentors Show Area Students with Disabilities Paths Toward Science and Engineering Careers (pr04147)
Added: Nov 03 2004

New Martian Meteorite Found in Antarctica (pr04094)
Added: Jul 20 2004

New Map Reveals Hidden Features Of Ice-buried Antarctic Lake (pr04091)
Added: Jul 07 2004

NSB 2004 Vannevar Bush, Public Service Awards, Span Research, Scholarship, Science Communication and Policy (pr04057)
Added: Apr 26 2004

Inspiring Invention - New report urges effort to foster invention in education, business and government (ma0413)
Added: Apr 14 2004

Medical Evacuation Flight Dispatched to Antarctica (pr04045)
Added: Apr 08 2004

Rare "Tumbleweed" Survives Antarctic Conditions: Rover Designed to Seek Water in Ice Caps on Other Worlds (pr04024)
Added: Mar 03 2004

Evidence of a "Lost World": Antarctica Yields Two Unknown Dinosaur Species (pr04025)
Added: Feb 26 2004

A Lost World: Two Previously Unknown Dinosaurs Discovered in Antarctica (ma0407)
Added: Feb 24 2004

NSF Fact Sheet: Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) (fs04hsd)
Added: Feb 17 2004

Looking at Science Through New Eyes: NSF and AAAS Launch Second Visualization Challenge (pr04018)
Added: Feb 17 2004

NSF Speakers Tackle Biocomplexity and Science Workforce at AAAS Annual Meeting (ma0402)
Added: Feb 04 2004

NSF Fiscal 2005 Budget Request Is $5.745 Billion (pr0412)
Added: Feb 02 2004

NSF Fiscal 2005 Budget Priority Areas (fsfy05priorityareas)
Added: Feb 02 2004

Study Pinpointing Origins of Siberian Peat Bogs Raises Concerns that Arctic Thaw May Release Greenhouse Gases (pr0406)
Added: Jan 16 2004

NSF Invites Media to Report on U.S.-Sponsored Antarctic Research (2003-2004 Season) (ma0326)
Added: May 09 2003

NSF to Hold Public Meeting on its Fiscal 2004 Budget Request (ma0307)
Added: Jan 30 2003

Earth Scientists Forge New Understanding of Mountain-Building Dynamics (tip030123)
Added: Jan 24 2003

Earth Scientists Forge New Understanding of Mountain-Building Dynamics (tip030123)
Added: Jan 24 2003

America's Investment to the Future (nsf0050)
Added: Jul 02 2002

Crossing Alaska By Snowmobile in Search of Climate-Change Clues (pr0220)
Added: Mar 26 2002

Researchers Describe Overall Water Balance in Subglacial Lake Vostok (pr02019)
Added: Mar 22 2002

Video, Stills Available: Unprecedented Antarctic Ice Calls for Twice the Normal Icebreaking Muscle (ma0217)
Added: Mar 13 2002

NSF Invites Media to Report on Arctic Research Cruise to Study Early Indicators of Climate Change (ma0216)
Added: Mar 13 2002

Runway Project Clears the Way for Improved Antarctic Airlift (pr0214)
Added: Feb 22 2002

Enormous Iceberg May Be in Its Death Throes (pr0212)
Added: Feb 15 2002

NSF to Support Study of Environmental Warming in the Arctic (pr0211)
Added: Feb 08 2002

Scientists Use Seals as "Underwater Eyes" (pr0204)
Added: Jan 16 2002

Pondering a Climate Conundrum in Antarctica (pr0203)
Added: Jan 16 2002

Giant Icebergs, Unprecedented Ice Conditions Threaten Antarctic Penguin Colonies (pr01108)
Added: Dec 27 2001

President Bush Honors Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentors (pr01103)
Added: Dec 12 2001

Robotic Aircraft Provide a New Tool to Conduct Arctic Climate Studies (pr0141)
Added: May 17 2001

Harold Varmus, Lewis Branscomb are Honored with the Vannevar Bush Award (pr0140)
Added: May 09 2001

NSF-Supported Teams Provide New Data on Early Moments of the Universe (pr0138)
Added: Apr 30 2001

Evacuation Flight Lands Safely at South Pole (pr0137)
Added: Apr 25 2001

New Zealand Aircraft to Fly Mission to U.S. McMurdo Station (pr0134)
Added: Apr 20 2001

Civilian Aircraft to Evacuate South Pole Patient (pr0129)
Added: Apr 13 2001

NSF Weighs Options for Treating South Pole Patient (pr0128)
Added: Apr 11 2001

Antarctic Remediation Underway (pr0113)
Added: Feb 23 2001

New South Pole Station Power Plant, Satellite Link Go Online (pr0104)
Added: Jan 24 2001

NSF Grant Extends Support For Interconnecting National Research Networks (pr0101)
Added: Jan 05 2001

NSF Honors 409 Junior Faculty Members with 2000 Career Awards (pr0090)
Added: Nov 22 2000

Clinton Names A Diverse Group Of Researchers To Receive The 2000 National Medals Of Science (pr0089)
Added: Nov 13 2000

WEB100 Project to Boost Performance of Research Networks (pr0087)
Added: Nov 02 2000

Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Jointly Announced By National Institutes Of Health and National Science Foundation (pr0086)
Added: Nov 02 2000

New Report Challenges Assumptions About What The Internet Means To The Public (pr0080)
Added: Oct 25 2000

NSF Advisory Committee Meetings (cmmtg)
Added: Oct 24 2000

Construction of New South Pole Station Begins Environmental Upgrades to be Completed, Satellite Link Built (pr0078)
Added: Oct 17 2000

Astronomers Discover Six Planets Orbiting Nearby Stars (pr9971)
Added: Nov 29 1999

Human Plague Cases Increasing In Southwest (pr9970)
Added: Nov 19 1999

Antarctic Research Season to Highlight Seal Ecology, Microscopic Life, Cosmic Origins (pr9953)
Added: Sep 10 1999

Pioneering Team Spending Winter ATop Greenland Ice Sheet (pr9752)
Added: Sep 09 1997

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