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ORA Field Management Directive Page

Page Updated: 03/14/2003


Forward to the Field Management Directives Manual

Introduction to the Field Management Directives Manual

Field Management Directives Accessible on the Internet

Numerical Index listing of all current Field Management Directives

Subject Index Alphabetical Order

Cancelled Field Management Directives


Field Management Directives Accessible on the Internet

Not all are available, this is a work in progress; additional FMDs will be posted as converted.

FMD 13,  ForeignTravel (updated November, 2002)

FMD 13A,  Foreign Inspection Program (updated November, 2002)

FMD 17, ORA Field Assignments - Guidelines for Issuance by Headquarters Offices

FMD 17B,   Management of Compliance Programs by the Field

FMD 30, ORA Advisory Committee System

FMD 37, ORA procedures for Arranging Foreign Visitor Program Activities

FMD 50, State Correspondence

FMD 56, ORA Weekly Management Review

FMD 64, Epidemiological Investigations Alert Reporting Procedures

FMD 71,  Field Distribution of Hardcopy Reports to Headquarters Units

FMD 74, Inter-governmental Exchange of Personnel

FMD 76, State Contracts-Evaluation of Inspectional Performance

FMD 77,  Abbreviated Analytical Reporting

FMD 80, Municipally Managed Properties Used for Storage and/or Sale of Foods

FMD 86, Establishment Inspection Report Conclusions and Decisions

FMD 91,  Preferred Procedure for Commenting on FDA Matters Published in the Federal Register

FMD 92, Agency Establishment Registration and Control Procedures

FMD 100, Field District Rosters

FMD 101,  ORA System and Criteria for Selecting Employees for Training

FMD 101C,  Selection Process for Executive Seminar Training Programs

FMD 105,  Import Program Managers

FMD 112A,  Prior Notification to FDA Regulated Industries of Impending Inspections

FMD 117, Release of Information to State/Local Officials

FMD 118,  Reporting Errors in Methodology Operations

FMD 119, Consumer Products Complaint System

FMD 120,  FDA-483, Inspectional Observations

FMD 121, Interdistrict Assignments

FMD 122, Interstate Travel Sanitation: Potable Water on Interstate Carrier Conveyances and at Watering Points

FMD 123, Computer System Program Development

FMD 125, Criteria for Certifying X-Ray Auditors

FMD 126, Sanitation Problems in Warehouses Storing USDA-Donated Surplus Foods

FMD 127, Employee Requested Transfers

FMD 128, Field Management of Recall Operations

FMD 129, Interagency Pesticide Referrals Between EPA and FDA

FMD 130,OEI Development and Maintenance Procedures

FMD 132, Shipment of Samples and Documents to San Juan

FMD 133, Health Emergency Warning for the Hearing Impaired - Class I Recalls

FMD 134, Pesticide Coordination Teams

FMD 135, Pre-operational Reviews of Manufacturing Facilities

FMD 137, Badge Retirement Policy

FMD 141, Infant and Toddlers Products

FMD 142, Technical Inspection Assistance

FMD 143, ORA Research Process - Pilot Study

FMD 144, Criteria for Qualifying MQSA Auditors

FMD 145, Procedure for Release of Establishment Inspection Report to the Inspected Establishment

FMD 146, Electronic Records: Electronic Signature Certification

FMD 147, Procedure for Release of Analytical Results Pursuant to Section 704 (d)

FMD 148, ORA Policy on Reimbursement of Expenses Incident to Employee Permanent Changes of Station

FMD 149,   Procedures for Requesting ORA International Technical Assistance or Site Visits