Census Bureau American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas 1995 and 1994
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American Housing Survey

Selected Metropolitan Areas: 2002 1999 1998 1996 1995 1994

Provides data on housing and household characteristics from the American Housing Survey. Data is presents on the total housing inventory including new construction and vacant units; on total occupied housing units; on owner-occupied housing units; on renter-occupied housing units; on occupied housing units with a Black householder, and on occupied housing units with householder of Hispanic origin.

In addition, the report covers such subjects as: data on external building conditions; number of rooms; complete bathrooms; kitchen and laundry equipment; main heating equipment; fuel used for heating, cooking, and central air-conditioning; plumbing equipment and failures; and opinions of the structure and neighborhood.

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Metropolitan Area Publication Number Pages
Anaheim-Santa Ana H170/02-2 300
Buffalo H170/02-44 352
Charlotte H170/02-63 348
Columbus H170/02-25 297
Dallas H170/02-4 347
Fort Worth-Arlington H170/02-6 347
Kansas City H170/02-27 347
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale H170/02-28 348
Milwaukee H170/02-29 347
Phoenix H170/02-12 347
Portland H170/02-34 348
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario H170/02-37 348
San Diego H170/02-38 347


Metropolitan Area Publication Number Pages
New York-Nassau-Suffolk-Orange H170/99-53 322
Los Angeles-Long Beach H170/99-7 322
Detroit H170/99-5 279
Philadelphia H170/99-33 279
Chicago H170/99-22 322
Northern New Jersey H170/99-10 322


Metropolitan Area Publication Number Pages
Boston H170/98-3 315
Minneapolis, St. Paul H170/98-9 271
Salt Lake City H170/98-15 271
Washington Metropolitan Area H170/98-18 315
Cincinnati H170/98-23 271
Norfolk, Virginia Beach-Newport News H170/98-31 315
Rochester H170/98-35 315
San Francisco H170/98-39 315
Baltimore H170/98-42 315
Birmingham H170/98-43 271
Houston H170/98-49 315
Providence-Pawtucket-Warrick H170/98-56 315
San Jose H170/98-61 315
Tampa-St. Petersburg H170/98-62 315
Oakland H170/98-64 315


Metropolitan Area Publication Number Pages
Memphis H170/96-8 218
Atlanta H170/96-21 258
Hartford H170/96-26 258
Cleveland H170/96-45 258
Indianapolis H170/96-50 220
Oklahoma City H170/96-54 258
Sacramento H170/96-58 258
St. Louis H170/96-59 220
Seattle-Everett H170/96-60 258


Metropolitan Area Publication Number Pages
Detroit H170/95-5 220
Los Angeles-Long Beach H170/95-7 258
Northern New Jersey H170/95-10 259
Pittsburgh H170/95-13 220
Chicago H170/95-22 258
Columbus H170/95-25 220
Kansas City H170/95-27 258
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale H170/95-28 259
New Orleans H170/95-30 258
Philadelphia H170/95-33 220
Portland, Or-Wash H170/95-34 258
San Antonio H170/95-36 259
Denver H170/95-46 258
New York-Nassau-Suffolk-Orange H170/95-53 258
Charlotte H170/95-63 220


Metropolitan Area Publication Number Pages
Anaheim–Santa Ana H170/94-2 207
Dallas H170/94-4 244
Fort Worth-Arlington H170/94-6 242
Phoenix H170/94-12 244
Milwaukee H170/94-29 244
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario H170/94-37 244
San Diego H170/94-38 244
Buffalo H170/94-44 207

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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