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Indian Health Service:  The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

2004 I H S Technology Conference, August23 - 27
(2004 presentations available online)

Special Announcements list Starts Here.
Item 4 New IHS Employee Locator

IHS Resources list Starts Here.
Announcement 1 Job Vacancies Database
Announcement 2 UpToDate Online
Announcement 3 Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Announcement 4 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Announcement 5 Headquarters Reorganization 2004

Key I H S Links Start Here.
Item 1 What’s New On This Site
Item 2 Frequently Asked Questions
Item 3 IHS Email (Secure Access)
Item 4 Find An IHS Employee
Item 5 IHS Calendar
Item 6 My IHS Portal
Item 7 Current IHS Issues At  INFO.IHS.GOV
Item 8 Computer Security Awareness TrainingKey I H S Links End Here.

HHS Logo
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Indian Health Service (HQ)
The Reyes Building
801 Thompson Avenue, Ste. 400
Rockville, MD 20852-1627

Telephone Contacts

Bullet Image. Start of Category List. Item 1 Jobs and Scholarships
Jobs Vacancy Database
Dental Program Recruitment
Navajo Area Jobs and Recruitment
Scholarships and Loans
More . . .

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Item 2 Press and Public Relations
Press Releases
Publications and Reports
Director's Statements and Initiatives
Conferences and Calendar

Item 3 Area Offices and Facilities
Area Office Links
More . . .

Item 4 Information Technology Resources
Help for RPMS Users
IHS Electronic Health Record
RPMS Applications
The IHS National Data Warehouse
Information Systems Advisory Committee (ISAC)
Site Managers Network
List/Forum Servers
More . . .

Item 5 Nationwide Programs and Initiatives
Business Plan Workgroup
Environmental Health Support Center
Health Education Program
Program Statistics
Performance Evaluation System (formerly ORYX)
Planning and Evaluation/GPRA
Tribal and Urban Programs
More . . .

Item 6 Medical and Professional Programs
Behavioral Health
Disease Specific Programs
Clinical Support Center
Clinical Information Resources
Consumer Health Information
Injury Prevention and Health Care Information
Nursing Opportunities, NCON, NCOA
Women's Health
More . . .

Item 7 Resources for I H S Management
Health Insurance Portability (HIPAA)
Indian Health Manual
Conferences and Meetings
Freedom of Information Act
More . . .

Item 8. End of Category Links. Tribal Leaders
Letters sent to all tribal leaders (by Year)
Current IHS Information and Data
More . . .

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