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Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center


Precipitation frequency estimates are now available for the Ohio River Basin and Surrounding States via the Precipitation Frequency Data Server.

Documentation for NOAA Atlas 14 Precipitation-Frequency Atlas of the United States Volume 1: Semiarid Southwest (Southeast California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada) has been published! This documentation will be DRAFT until October 31st to allow users the opportunity to review and provide comments back to HDSC. The documentation is now available here.

In other HDSC news, cartographic maps for ALL durations (5-minute through 60- day) and ALL average recurrence intervals (2-year through 1,000-year) for NOAA Atlas 14 Volume 2: Ohio River Basin and Surrounding States are now available! These maps are available here.

NOAA Atlas 14 map

This is the Home Page for the Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center, part of the National Weather Service's Office of Hydrologic Development, Hydrology Laboratory. This home page is for those interested in probable maximum precipitation (PMP) and precipitation frequency (PF).


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